CWL – Paris

The ESWC hosted CWL’s latest event in Paris, France this past weekend.


It was a decent event that had a fair amount of issues, but these things happen and I hope next year we see an improvement.  Now with that said it wasn’t a complete debacle,  there was a clear decisive winner at CWL – Paris.





Optic Gaming takes home 1st place and a $40,000 check to add to their payrolls.  A great showing from them going undefeated in Winners Bracket to take home the trophy.  Faze fought hard to get to finals and just seemed to get outmatched by their rival in Optic.  They tried but ultimately lost in finals without winning a round.   I’m sure all teams are looking forward to future events.  CWL – Sydney is just two weeks away.  We’ll see who shows up to perform and takes home the trophy.
Now, this makes Optic Crimsix’s 5th win in Paris.  Since 2013 he’s taken home the trophy from every ESWC event. Which is pretty impressive.  This also makes Crimsix’s 29th event he’s won in his career making him the best player in Call of Duty to date without a doubt.


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