EVO Announces 9th Title

It’s Mahvel!


That’s right EVO 2017 had announced a few weeks ago that the ninth and final game that will be played on stage will be voted on by the fans.  The game that received the most donations would be declared the winner.  The highest donated game flip flopped between Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Pokken.  The last half hour saw about ten thousand dollars donated to each game.  With just three minutes to spare Marvel took the lead and did not let up.  To me it just isn’t a competitive Evo without seeing some of the best UMVC3 players making the most ridiculous comebacks on the grand stage.

Pokken wont go away without a consolation prize, as EVO executives have stated on Twitter that they will commit ten thousand dollars to helping fund Pokken tournaments throughout the year.

Excited to see how everything unfolds this year and who becomes champions heading into Japan’s Evo 2018!

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