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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Featured Youtuber: Codex Entry

I have watched a lot of videos of people over-analyzing games. Game Theory, Extra Credits, and many other channels are examples of slowly and meticulously picking apart every little detail in a video game, to make up some long drawn out conclusion from left field. Most of these, while they are good and interesting, never really stuck out to me, because a majority of what they tried to convince you on was very thin and a bit of stretch. Codex Entry, however, takes a completely different approach when it comes to this, because instead of trying to overthink some game, stepping way out of the boundaries that were put in place, Codex makes you think you under-analyzed the game, by keeping everything focused, concise, and powerful.

He is very clearly dedicated to what he talks about, with real love and passion that I feel has been slowly deteriorating throughout the “Youtube Gaming Scene”.  His Persona videos, for example, give a striking message about how he feels about the game and how it has affected his life, as well as looking at the game deeper, and finding the true meaning behind what the game is at it’s core. I was honestly on the verge of tears watching his Persona videos, because it made me realize where I had gone wrong in my life, not by making up some theory with random facts way outside the realm of the game, but rather shedding light on the real message the developer was trying to portray through his work. He doesn’t limit himself to analysis videos though. He also has a series where he talks about the actual people in the development teams of games, who get sorely overlooked for the hard work and dedication they put into their games. Each of his videos are short, but heavily detailed, like sewing delicate details into a beautiful quilt, threading meticulous research into his powerful commentaries on video games as a whole.

I have managed to speak to him personally, and while it may have been short, I could really see where he is coming from by making these videos. He is a very kind and honest person who just wants to make insightful and uplifting videos to increase his viewers and his own appreciation of video games, while keeping things easy to understand, and emphasizing that little bit of the gaming industry that gets overlooked. He isn’t just some information dispenser though either. He puts a lot of style and personality into his videos to keep them exciting and entertaining.

For those of you who are looking for a change in your life and how you look at video games, look no further than Codex Entry. He once again sparked that phantasmal inspiration for video games I used to have, and showed me that video games can express beauty like any other art-form. The real tragedy behind what he does, is that he only has 2000 subscribers, and not enough people are going to be able to see the magnificent, life-changing works-of-art that he produces on his channel. The person who personifies the message of his videos the most though, is himself. Even though his work isn’t given the praise it deserves, he still keeps striving forward because he does this for himself and the people who do stick around and support him, not the bullshit subscriber and money side of youtube. It just goes to show that subscriber count and how the world perceives you doesn’t truly show your worth and what you are capable of.

Please give his videos a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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