Final 3 or 6 (Who’s Counting) Fighters Revealed For Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is a fighting game by WB Games and NetherRealm. Today on the Injustice Youtube channel, the Fighter Pack 3 DLC was revealed giving insight on the final fighters to enter Injustice 2. Check out the trailer below.

Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3 Reveal:

Now I know they state these are the final 3 characters, even though it’s clear we can all count 6 characters (The Atom, Enchantress and The Ninja Turtles) in total. However, The Ninja Turtles make it very clear they will fight as a team and it’ll be interesting to see how NetherRealm accomplishes this in Injustice 2.

Also take note at the end of the reveal trailer, The Atom will be available for early access December 12th, 2017 and Injustice 2 will also be hitting PC November 14th, 2017.

What do you think about the upcoming characters? Which is your favorite and why? Place your answers in the comments below. For more on Injustice 2 and everything gaming, keep it locked right here on MagGamer.

Written by: SlimMerc

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