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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

For Honor: From Alpha To Closed Beta (My Analysis)

For Honor is a third person tactical hack and slash created by the developers at Ubisoft Montreal. The game gives the players the option to join one of three factions (Knights, Samurais and Vikings), but does not limit the player to the classes that respectively represent each faction. The game modes offer 1v1(Dual), 2v2(Brawl) and 4v4(Dominion, Skirmish and Elimination) which can be adjusted to Player vs. AI or Player vs. Player. The classes in each faction are unique to themselves, using there own kind of armor, weapons and perks(or feats) which can all be upgraded and/or customized. The game offers a special combat system which allows players to switch stances (left stance, right stance and high stance) to either attack or defend from. If you or your opponent mimics the same stance and one doesn’t attack, the opposing attacker is sure to be blocked. However if you and your opponent situate in a stance that isn’t the same, you are sure to deliver or receive a blow. Timing and study is everything, as each utilized correctly can mean the difference between life and death. Minions can also be found in the bigger battles (4v4 matches), bring more enemies to the play field. However, they are mindless, weak and easily destroyed. Much of all of this can be easily noticed between both the Alpha and Closed Beta versions of For Honor. Though in the Closed Beta there was more to see and options to choose from just off the Main Screen menu alone, adding to things you can both do and see from this particular part of the game. All the original maps from the Alpha happen to be present, with one taking on a daytime scenery rather than a night time scenery. However that same exact map’s (and by all means correct me if I’m wrong down below in the comments) closing scene still features a minion using the back of the sword (rather than the front where the actual sharp end of the blade exist) to beat down an opposing minion. Not sure if this was in fact a glitch and was just over looked in the Alpha which would explain why it made its way into the closed beta or if it was meant to be in there as if Ubisoft Montreal devs intended it to which again would explain why it’s still in the closed beta too. It would be interesting to see what will be added or scraped from the finished product of For Honor come release and what the campaign will have to offer players as well since the campaign itself was never playable in either beta. Ubisoft’s For Honor will release February 14th, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. For more information on For Honor, be sure to keep it locked right here on MagGamer.