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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Friday the 13th but what about VR?

Friday the 13th is a game that has Jason vs all of the survivors. The goal for Jason is to kill off all the survivors. The survivors goal is to yes survive and escape from Jason.

Jason has powers that allows him to hear and spot survivors from a distance. He also has the ability to be very quick, smash thru objects such as doors, but can’t climb thru windows. This is great because it can build up the suspense of survival. As for the survivors they will need to learn to preserve there stamina, walk silent, and pick up items that they can use to protect themselves.

Taking a look at the trailer I wish this game would have supported VR and have given the option of first person view. Imagine walking down a hall to realize that there is a dead end and once you turn around there is Jason. I believe that VR can be heavily used in horror games and it would be appreciated by many or to those who dare to give it a shot.

When thinking about horror games one of the many games that come to mind is clock tower 1 for the ps1. I could remember being a kid trying to find hiding spots in time before the killer found were I was. You knew the killer was near because the music will change giving the player that suspense that he was being chased and had to find a way to hide. Also knowing that there was no other way to protect yourself besides running and hiding made It scary.

This plays out to some extent in this new game as well. The items are used to protect yourself, giving you some time to get away and hide. This game looks very promising. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.