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May 25, 2024

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Future of NBA Basketball Video Games – NBA LIVE series

Great things come to those who Hustle

As the year 2018 comes to a close and the new year 2019 comes around we get to be excited for the future of what the gaming industry is bring to us players. I personal love the NBA more than any other sports in the world and feel its where I have my most expert perspectives. Today we get into the NBA LIVE series focusing on the future and what I hope can be some key ways to improve going forward. Before I dive in to my write up i wanted to acknowledge what the game NBA LIVE 19 offers. In the last 2 years NBA LIVE games have taken extremely big leaps forward improving its core experience on so many levels while still adding new elements to make it a exciting for basketball fans.

In nba live 19 we seen a overhaul on visuals, gameplay and more, for me the fluid movement was the most impressive. Graphics really shine also but what’s sneaky good is the dribbling system being the best we seen in basketball games. They added all the WNBA teams and allowed female created players to join on almost every mode on THE ONE mode. Speaking of THE ONE mode we got a all new game mode called Court Battles where you customize a court, set rules, roster and take others courts while they try and take your court. I love this mode as its rules are so different and challenge me in so many ways I really love the variety from standard NBA Rules. Adding to this they make great efforts to consistently offer new LIVE Events. A mode that features tons of celebrities and content creators, From Daily, weekly and more these events are one reason  keep coming back to the game everyday. It’s exciting to get on and see a new event featuring migos, Dribble2much, Gonzalez twins and more. On top of facing certain lineups the best part is the exclusive gear and items you get from these events. Limited time offers, this reminds me about how NBA LIVE offers the premium gear all for free. Just play and earn in game currency and get yourself some really fresh gear from BAPE, jordans, adidas plus so much more.

On a pure gameplay standpoint they opened the door wide open with Real Player Motion making everything look so smooth and responsive. The game has gone from looking good to wow this is amazing and feels so good on the sticks. As someone who players tons of hours once you get the controls down there is so much depth in playstyles as they are so many unique directions to can take from a Point guard back court shooter who can light it up like Curry to a tradition PG Floor general like CP3. These make for a very different experience in the game more than most basketball games where there isn’t drastic variety, NBA LIVE 19 play style system makes it so you pick a path and work with your strengths and it makes it a more authentic basketball experience. There is a ton of things I can focus on but this article is about what I believe will take NBA LIVE to the next level.

Before I get into my breakdown I wanted to take time to address a few things surrounding NBA LIVE 19, The series, Staff and Community. First off NBA LIVE 19 keeps me coming back on a daily basis as its so impressive how much it improved on a every year release makes it difficult to do so. The series has invested in growing its game with new features and modes and it looks like the future keeps getting brighter. On that note the staff is heavy on social media engaged with the community. This isn’t a job requirement just passionate staff building with the community and that really resonates with me because I been dealing with gaming industry staff for many years and few are as engaged on personal accounts than the NBA LIVE staff. They also have been listening and working on improving the game as the community request. It’s been inspiring to see that behavior and reminds me more about how some gamers forget developers are just players who work on games. I am beyond grateful for the interaction as they sacrifice personal life time to reach out to the community. From a huge NBA LIVE fan I speak for all the players across the world we are super grateful for all the efforts to give us this amazing game. About the Community, I feel there is a few different kinds, The ballers who enjoy NBA LIVE and everything it offers with so much new systems, There are the “I am a expert” guys who think they know what’s best for everything. Than there is the “ Wave riders” for the wave riders they do not have much strength in what they say as its usually a echo of others or just wanting to saying things they have been conditioned to. The so called “expert” guys they tend to want to try and critic anything just to feel like they are onto something. Not knowing when and where to select what to give opinions on and want to speak on everything like they know best which we know that’s not true. After all that there is the “Baller” These can be ex players, casuals who love basketball, those NBA fans who play because of the passion and they focus on what the game offers enjoying it to the max. NBA live series is grinding up to  build a name for itself as the best Basketball game and for me it’s on the right path and already offers much to enjoy. Many shouldn’t want it to follow in other basketball games foot steps and let it stay true to its identity which is really something I am personally in love with right now. I just am happy to see the big investment from developers weathers its with updates or on social media. The series is building up to be the best basketball experience on the market. That’s enough about the nba live 19 Let’s get into the future now.

The future part

This next segment will focus on what things I feel can take the NBA LIVE series to the next level of ESPORTS and community building. The game has two great systems for leveling up, one is the ICON path which defines your playstyle a straightforward get your skills up format. The other is called “Hype” This is a focused level system for certain game modes. Career hype, live run hype and court hype. If you play that game mode you can level up these when playing the game modes related to its hype. This is a great way for players to show how dedicated they are to the game but doesnt mean a player is skills just means he plays a lot. What I want to introduce is a Grade system that levels up and down for overall play in competitive way. This grade system can level up or down depending how you perform from game to game. This also will be displayed so players can see who is top players, average and or not so good. I will breakdown how i would implement that but the core of the idea is to open the door for in-game tournaments. Twice a week players can enter into a game mode where  players face off in a simple matchmaking mode where 5 on 5 is focused and this in-game tournament winners get boost in their grades for winning. Outside of making the game competitive this also sets up for players gearing up for A+++ teams esports invite events end of year. How would players be determined the best? That is a ton of numbers I wont get to deep into but the game offers a grade system for each game played, players performance is the focus from efficiency, most stats and games win also help shape the top players. Winning the in game tournaments will be the key for the Grades as that cements you as a elite player. Think of a in game tournaments as a popup mode every thursday and saturday starting at certain times so global players all get a chance to be in it. The key to all this is the grade that levels up or down creating a real player skill score. This will make each game critical but it only begins to activate after a certain amount of games played or we have a ranked 5 on 5 mode for those who do not want to ruin their grades can stick with casual play. I won’t dive deeper into my ideas for this but the core is a overall grade system that levels up or down each game and represents who is top players. The weekly tournaments where you great put in with similar grade teams facing off and these add extra boost to your grade level. End of year Esports event maybe at EA play by the top teams and thats how the NBA LIVE community wins.

Modify to glorify

For years I held on to one great idea that I will use in the Video Game I will create someday in the future. A modification button, Holding one button that changes all the buttons on your control. This isn’t new and some games haven’t use this but never to its maximum potential. here is my NBA Live ideas for a modify button system. As someone who is considered as a Hardcore player and someone who loves the challenge I play some games with complicated button systems and for me it separates the average players from the elite. For NBA LIVE a modification button came for the dunk contest mode years ago which allowed you to change your dunks adding a ton of variety to the mode. What I am looking into is enhanced play for core gameplay with a modification buttons that makes for specific dribbles, passes, dunks and even defensive stances all on command through this modification button. There is way too many details for me to write out but you get the core idea of what my hopes are for future NBA LIVE games.

All Star ideas

Now that online is standard for games I think NBA LIVE can bring back NBA ALL star game. Starting with celebrity game which NBA LIVE already has celebs so it would be easy to create it. The skills challenge, 3 point contest and my personal favorite Dunk contest. My reason for wanting it back besides being selfish is that if they make it online versus other players we can do some great things. I use to bring NBA LIVE to a friends house so a few of us would play the Dunk contest against each other. I fun game night and super competitive just with dunk contest. I would love this but with online allowed to invite friends to join your all star weekend contest. I would say this also can only can open matchmaking on weekends which adds to the hype for players plus its a all star weekend this can give players a time to show up. 

There is many things I feel can help the future, they are working on gameplay and new features but for me the main focus is a grade system that levels up and down depending on players performance and is a representing elite players. Adding the weekly tournaments where players can win 5 games in a roll and boost their grades twice a week. Leading to a esports event end of year for top players to be invited. The modify button that adds advance moves for elite players to utilize on command. These two open the door for the community to evolve and push skilled players to commit to the game and be the best in the world. While these ideas wont come next release but I am sure that NBA LIVE 20 will offer a amazing product as they continued to build on the future. For now the NBA LIVE 19 has so much fun content to offer and I myself might setup a league for players to join in the future. Stay tuned and thank you for reading, see you on the court. Check up.