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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe



For anyone interested in getting involved please read through the whole page and follow instructions carefully. If you have questions or suggestions please contact our team on Discord, twitter or email all linked at the bottom of the page. Note that this event is solely ran by and not officially sponsored by anyone.

Court Battle League : NBA LIVE 19 


Welcome to Court Battle League, a 5 on 5 League Where teams battle in their custom courts and rules. The setup works like this,Teams will face 16 teams in a best of 7 series. Every week Match-ups are set by the teams agreeing for time and day. The teams work to rise up the standings to make it into the playoffs.. Sign up and see you in the court Battle League.

Official Stats and standings will be documented on our site. Plus an all-star lineup of NBA Live Developers, content creators and special guest featured as the Boss battle for teams who are competing to move up the standings for position in the playoffs. Every team must face the All-star team once per season.

Event Timing: Season starts February 8th 2019
Watch live :
Contact us at [email protected]

 How to sign up?


Weather you have a team or need to find one all players are welcome to sign up. Join our discord because it is where we manage the teams. The contact info is below at bottom of page.

 click the button


Now for Team Captains here is the break down.

Team Captain will be responsible for the whole team on every aspect. Task from team uniforms, Stats, invite to matches, disputes and more are the Captains focus. Read team captain notes at bottom of page for extra details.  Send this information when you contact us, Team Captain name & PSN & Email & Twitter. Along with Team name & Uniforms. 

Team name and Uniform

 Simple names work best and one color uniforms is the goal. It can be any outfit with same color Shirts and similar pants. Accessories are free to be as stylish as players want. Our admin will confirm if color is available.


The setup is created for balance Basketball. teams must have one big, two wings, and two guards on the floor at all times. Which Playstyles are up to the teams. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification or forfeit. Max total of 8 players on roster per team, five starters and three subs.

Custom Rules & Courts

Each Matchup is best of 7 games series played in Custom court with custom rules as follows.  Pro am with fouls for all 7 games. First team to win 4 wins the series.

Join the Movement

The Court Battle League is made to bring everyone together, from the developers, content creators and special guest are welcome to contact us to join on the fun. All-star teams are just a way to showcase great people in the NBA LIVE community. If you or someone you know wants to get involved please contact us at [email protected]


Schedule works as follows.

On February 8th the season begins, Team Captains have freelance Scheduling for match-ups meaning they can talk with teams and plan the times and dates. You can only face each team once in a best of 7 games series. Teams have until April 28th to compete against the 16 teams to be eligible for playoffs.


A bonus to this is Every team will face the All-Star team once per season. This is to showcase the team and the All-stars featuring Developers, Content Creators and Special Guest.



Season starts on

February 8th

Team Match-ups

All star boss battles

April 28th

Playoff time

June 1st


Stay tuned to all the action at or follow us on  Twitch

Stay Locked in

Notes for Team Captains

Key information

Quick guide for Captains, 

Please inform team of these rules and or have them read it.


Submit your info in our discord where all league activities will take place. In discord there will be a Team Captain channel to that you can plan the day and time for your match that week. One match a week is what we hope each team can do but you schedule matches with other capts as you see fit.


Teams are allowed to restart once per game if lagged out but must play on after the first 5 points are scored.


Once a teams schedule a date, they must appear and play the best of 7 series out at the time scheduled or it is a forfeit and the other team gets automatic four wins and no show team gets 4 loses. 


Stats from both teams must be submitted to staff for each game on the results and disputes channel and must be done by both team captains. A tip is to ask your whole team to try and take screen shots of stats. This is so we can post on our site so players can have their career stats on the books.


It is very important to have footage of the matches, We want to create highlights of the League so please have some of the players record and cut up the highlights. 

For Fairness we ask you to have someone be the designated live streamer so that my staff can monitor the games. For all of this footage if possible raw footage with no logos or microphone voices would be best. This will help with our weekly coverage of the league.


Your custom court must showcase all the lines clearly and not have offensive text. We require you have the words  { Court Battle League } on both sides of the Sidelines during matches. This is to promote the League during highlight clips of our coverage of your games.


With that said we want to get your out there in the radar, share your Live streams and videos with @MagGamerInc on twitter as we will share with community and developers. The goal is to make NBA LIVE one of the most strongest community for 2019.




The overall Goal of this league is to bring hype to NBA LIVE 19. It offers a great time and we hope every player can stream while playing that way we get more exposure for the community or just share this on all social media platforms. You can #CourtBattleLeague #MagLive get active on twitter and be the movement.  


Example of Standings, matchups system.

CBL Standings