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July 18, 2024

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Hunt: Showdown Update

Hunt: Showdown

(patch one)

We’re back to talking about this little Crytek developed game featuring all kinds of creeping horrors.

I reviewed this game some time ago, and you can read the full review right here:

Hunt: Showdown Review

But if you want the short version, stay tuned because before we get into the game’s recent update, I’ll give you the TL;DR version!


I was brutally honest and rated Hunt: Showdown a  5.5 out of 10 which isn’t in itself the highest of scores, however, the game was still very fun to play. Hunt: Showdown is a mix between PvE and PvP where you manage and control different guns-for-hire (bounty hunters).

It’s really an interesting game because if you think of the premise —

bounty hunters, racing each other in teams to kill a single target (prey), then trying to escape alive to collect the reward before you’re killed.

— is a fun and exciting concept!

The few things I mentioned in the review were:

  • Great visuals, but a lacking-to-none-existing story 
  • Very competitive (in a good way) with the addition of co-operative play (which really is quite necessary if you want to win) however the game is an Early Access game, which could be frustrating at times.
  • Atmospheric, creepy, and scary (depends on how easily you’re scared) but content-wise, the game lacked a bit.

All in all, not a perfect game — and in the review, I presented a list of things that would make this game better, for me personally. Some of them could be more monsters, different kinds, another map, a singleplayer, a PS4 release, maybe. All these things would make it a better experience for me, at least.

But, let’s get into the details of the update and see if some of what I’ve mentioned has made it into the game!

The Update

As always, when a game gets an update, the usual suspects are smaller tweaks or changes to the way the game plays and some bug fixes (it is an Early Access game, so bugs are an inevitability).

But what the update also brings are…

  • 5 new weapons (where scoped rifles take centre stage),

Some of them are a Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper with a long scope, Sparks LRR Sniper, long scope again, an updated version of the Mosin Nagant with a bayonet, etc. Along with the weapons, they are also an added tool: the spyglass.

  • 2 tactical bombs,

Which are a flash bomb (or flashbang) and a poison bomb.

  • 11 new Hunter Outfits.
  • 12 new traits to boost your hunter in unique and different ways.

The traits upgrade your hunter by different factors. For example, we have the classics: Steady Aim and Steady Hand, which helps with accuracy. But then we also have Kiteskin, which reduces the newly introduced fall damage by 50%. Bulwark: reduces explosive damage by 20%.

Of course, there are more and they all vary or compliment each other. Most of them though focus on marksmanship.

In addition, some changes are also in response to the community feedback, where a few of the complaints concerned campers and how the buildings’ architecture allowed — or really favoured — campers.

Also, now players will be rewarded for banishing (killing) the prey. Fall damage is now a thing. An updated menu (Bloodline) screen. An improved map, along with improved slot refactoring. And lastly, rebalanced player footsteps — because when you’re sneaking around, your teammate is downed, just around the corner are zombie-looking creatures lurking, and you know the enemies are close to North-Northwest.

The rewards concerning killing or banishing the prey are something I didn’t write about in my review but it’s definitely something I remember I noticed as I was more so encouraged to kill mobs and other players than actually completing the quest…

In regards to the added rewards, I somewhat touched upon the fact that if your hunter dies, you’ll have to buy a new one — and in addition to that, upgrading your gear will also cost you in in-game currency. Although I wasn’t ever in doubt I wouldn’t be able to buy a new hunter if my old one died, I did see that some unobservant players would not, maybe… notice when they are out of cash. However, making it easier to gain in-game currency both eliminates that fear but also encourages players to play more.

There are a bunch more added improvements to the game ranging from AI to cooldowns, to improved hit points, draw-distance, and more!

But, if you want to read all of it, you can on the game’s forum on Steam’s Community page, linked right here.

Update Notes

Looking Back At The Game

Looking back at the game now as I haven’t played it for a while, I can say that when I finished my review, although I had fun playing it, I didn’t have a reason to go back.

There are multiple reasons why, but some of them are the lack of content I favour (ie. a singleplayer), the horror/creed factor (I’m not good with horror games although I like them, I equally dislike them), and lastly, I didn’t feel encouraged to play because I wasn’t good enough to ever achieve any rewards.

Now… that seems to have changed, and I’m looking forward to diving in again to give it another chance!


Frederik Becker 

[email protected]