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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Mother’s Embrace | Horizon Zero Dawn | Locations

Every location will be shown on the map, accompanied by an in-game image.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s open world is big. Really big. This locations guide will be continuously updated with new campfires, merchants, and points of interest to help you find your bearings – and maybe a little something extra. We will tackle areas one by one and add to them if necessary. All photo’s have been taken in-game with the Photo Mode feature.

Mother’s Embrace

The Mother’s Embrace is essentially the starting area, helping players familiarise themselves with mechanics and moving the story forward. It is located at the bottom right of the map. It occupies most of the shown map below.

This page will focus on the Mother’s Embrace area.


Points of Interest

These are general points of interest such as key locations, ruins, vantage points, items or collectibles. Most photos are self-explanatory, I will add info if necessary.


Mother’s Heart


Mother’s Cradle


Mother’s Watch


Main Embrace Gate



At the start of the game, you fall into these ruins and find your focus (The gadget that allows for scans). You can revisit this area later on to snag a few materials as well as a collectible.

Now that you are adult Aloy, you can use your spear to access previously unreachable areas. Make your way to the location shown below to find a metal flower collectible.

This is one of 30 metal flowers you can find. Here’s the description:

Metal Flower Mark I (A)



Campfires act as save points and they are generously scattered around the world. These are all the Campfires for the  Mother’s Embrace area.















This page will be updated as I play through and discover more of what Horizon’s world has to offer. Stay tuned, more location pages will be added soon.