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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

God of War Ragnarok: The Realms at War Walkthrough

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God of War Ragnarok: The Realms at War Objectives

  • Get some Rest
  • Sound Gjallahorn
  • Fight to Reach the War Machines
  • Find Odin
  • Follow Angrboda

God of War Ragnarok: The Realms at War Rewards

  • Kratos: 20,000 XP
  • Freya: 20,000 XP

The Summoning is complete, so The Realms at War is underway. Head inside the tent and watch the cutscene. Once you retake control, follow Faye and use the touchpad to interact with her. Continue watching the cutscene.

Once you take back control, head inside Ty’s Temple. You should take a moment to upgrade your equipment here. If you open the chest next to Lunda’s workshop, you’ll get a new Enchantment named Asgard’s Virtue. You should also take a moment to upgrade your equipment. Once you’re ready, head across the bridge and through the big doors, into Tyr’s Temple. Interact with the stone on the other side, and watch the cutscene.

Once you retake control you’ll be in Asgard, in Vigridr. Follow Freya forwards, down the wall, and through the trenches. There are Einherjars down here, so take care of them. Continue to follow Freya forwards, up the walls then back down into another battlefield. Take care of the Einherjar Archers and the Dodher Wyvern down here, before pushing onwards. Climb aboard the Fierce Ogre and use it to help defeat the Einherjar Captains. Then continue onwards by using the Blades of Chaos to clear a path forwards.

Beware of the dragon attack as you turn the corner from Jormungandr. Follow the path forwards and shimmy along the wall until you meet up with Atreus once more. Take care of the Einherjar Riders and Dodher Gradungrs they’re riding. A dragon will attack you from here, so throw the Draupnir Spear at the pillar it’s standing on and detonate it. Continue to follow the path to the Shores of Ifing.

Climb up the wall to the Svartalfheim tower, and meet with Sindri. Follow his lead, defeating any enemies along the way, until you reach the War Machines. Watch the cutscene. Once you retake control, you’ll be piloting Atreus. Follow Sindri forwards. Fight the numerous foes blocking your way, including the Gulons.

When you get trapped on the ground, push L3 and R3 in unison to become Bjorn and lay waste to the Einherjars blocking your way. That was fun, wasn’t it? Oh well, no time to stop now, continue forwards following Sindri. Once you climb up the wall, there’s another cutscene, so watch and see what happens. Shoot the crack in the wall when Sindri instructs you to.

Once you retake control, you’ll be piloting Kratos. Follow the path forward, there’s only really one way you can go, and defeat all the Einherjars along the way. You’ll have to deal with some Dodher Wyverns along the way, so make mincemeat of those, and keep pushing forwards. Remember to grab any Healthstones you see them if you need a quick boost of health. Keep moving on, until you reach a cutscene with Freyr. Watch what happens.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Thor (Second Fight)

Well, this always seemed inevitable, didn’t it? It’s time to fight Thor for a second time. Thor has a lot of unblockable attacks. He’ll try to grab you, but if he does you can break free by tapping L1 in a QTE. Otherwise, he’ll use Mjolnir to shoot electricity at you; dodge roll out of the way of this. He’ll also jump into the air and strike the ground; again, dodge this. Finally, he’ll pummel the ground, sending currents out of it. You need to make sure you’re not standing in any red circles when he does. Look to parry him when he’s without his hammer and fighting with his fists, and punish him while he’s stunned.

After you’ve inflicted a little damage, Thor will counter you and fling you against the wall. Watch the short cutscene and then pummel him. As the minigame matures, you’ll need to hammer the circle button to try and wrangle Mjolnir from him, which leads to the next phase of the fight.

His pattern doesn’t change much here, although there is the opportunity to Shield Strike him by double-tapping L1 as he winds up a big swing. Stay mobile, and strike him only when the opportunity presents itself. Once health is about halfway down, another little QTE sequence will trigger as you wrestle with Thor, so tap the circle button to overcome it.

Now he’s a lot quicker and stronger. He’ll set up circles of electricity all over the ground, and will even disappear into thin air before striking the floor. Stay out of the red areas, and attack only when he’s trying to stand up. Whittle down his health, and then hit R3 when the prompt appears to trigger the final face-off with him. Once the battle’s over, watch the cutscene.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Odin

Well, that was dramatic, but there’s no time to think about it just yet! Now it’s time for the big one: Odin! So, the All-Father is fast when he wants to be, but he’ll also spend a lot of time standing still, blabbering away at you. He’ll blast you with Bifrost lasers, which you’ll need to dodge roll out of the way of. However, when he tries to swipe you with his staff, you shouldn’t have too much trouble parrying these attacks. Stagger him and let rip. Occasionally he’ll slam into the ground, summoning a giant purple aura; you’ll want to get out of the way of this as it’s a honking attack that does a ton of damage. Whittle down his health bar until the R3 prompt appears, and “finish him” off. You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? Watch the cutscene.

Here we go again! Odin is a lot strong this time, and he’s using his staff as a kind of spectral whip. When he whips the ground, it’ll cause waves of energy to flash through the floor, so dodge roll out of the way of these. He’ll also summon large red orbs in the air, which can be destroyed by flinging your Leviathan Axe or summoning Atreus and Freya to shoot them with arrows. When he summons his ravens, parry these, otherwise you’ll need to keep tapping the circle button to escape. Occasionally, he’ll really start swinging his whip above his head, inside a big red circle, so Shield Strike him to disrupt the attack and regain the upper-hand. When the R3 prompt appears, engage it to initiate the next phase of the fight.

Now he has a Frost shield, so you’ll want to take out your Blades of Chaos to burn through it. He’ll add some new moves to his arsenal here, including a homing attack that will send projectiles all over the arena; be sure to weave out of the red circles to ensure you’re in a safe spot. He’ll also try to hit you with a flamethrower attack, so make sure you guard against that. Keep hitting him, and if he summons another shield, break through to continue doing damage. Once his health bar has depleted, hit R3 once more. There are a few QTEs in this sequence, so hit the button prompts when they pop up.


Watch the cutscene at the end to discover Odin’s ultimate fate, and then continue enjoying the story until you retake control.

You’ll awaken as Atreus in Hoddmimi’s Holt. The door to the right is locked, so follow the main path forwards in search of your father. You’ll encounter Thrud and Sif along the way. Take the stairs further up and chat briefly with Skjoldr. A little further down the path is Lunda, Byggvir, and Beyla. They’ll recount their stories of Freyr, so stop and listen a little bit if you’d like to. Then, just around the corner, is Freya and a little later Mimir. Continue further up the path and you’ll hear Angrboda and Fenrir just around the corner. Watch the cutscene.

When you retake control, you’ll be piloting Kratos. Follow Angrboda outside and up the hill. Angrboda will lead you to one more Jotnar Shrine. Watch the cutscene.

Once you retake control, run back down the hill, the way you just came, and enjoy the music and credits. That concludes The Path, but open the big doors, which were previously locked, to re-enter Midgard and continue your adventure. This will begin a FavourThe Last Remnants of Asgard.


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