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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Overwatch: Changes to Sombra is leaving alot to be desired

Sombra being the newest character to the game as of writing this, has gotten a lot of mixed feelings in regards to her effectiveness.

Some say she does too much damage others says she does too little, talks of balancing usually goes this way, since its mostly a matter of play style and strategy, given enough time anyone can master a way a character is designed, but that doesn’t make them more effective than other characters, Sombra in particular is outshine by many other characters in regards to her kit.

In the middle of a fight there’s usually not much room for a Sombra Player to go unless she placed her little beacon down, a tool that is pretty much a necessity to understand to play effectively.

Whoever blizzard have made attempts to make Sombra more viable, and much like any new character I’m sure there will be more changes down the line.

Though its still not clear if this current change has made Sombra that much better.

Her hacking skill has been decreased in how much time it takes to complete by 0.2 or just 1 – 2 seconds shorter

That to me doesn’t really change the fact that’s still not really making the skill much more viable, sure a second in a shooter can make all the difference, but any form of damage cancels the hack, so it can only be used in stealth scenarios or in between reloads especially with characters like tracer that have a reload lasting a second, meaning Sombra is able to hack faster than tracer can reload, but that’s pretty much the only change to Sombra though and a lot of players seem to think its not enough.

There’s been many suggestions but blizzard has been firm in their position that Sombra is not supposed to be all about damage so she shouldn’t be getting damage buffs, the rest of her kit is subject to change however.

So there’s only a few possible things they can change to make Sombra more effective.

Maybe giving her a passive movement ability would help?

Or a buff to her stealth?

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening and if well see more Sombra players able to play competitive without their whole team asking them to switch.