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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Overwatch’s Lucio detailed for Heroes of the Storm

Lucio is the third character to jump to Heroes of the Storm, and Blizzard has today provided details of just how that will work. in Overwatch, Lucio is a highly mobile support hero in Heroes of the Storm, who constantly heals or buffs the movement speed of nearby allies. He can attack while moving, making him a difficult target for some Heroes of the Storm characters to pin down, and he never needs to reload. he has the ability to wall ride, which both speeds him up and allows him to pass through units, thanks to his passive trait. That’s gonna be handy for bypassing trouble – or causing your own in pincer attacks. Lucio’s first ability in Heroes of the Storm is Soundwave, which allows him to damage and knock back enemies in its area of effect. His next ability, Crossfade, has no cooldown and jumps between his healing and speed boost songs, which play constantly. Amp It Up increases the effect of his current song. The Sound Barrier heroic ability also works really similarly to Overwatch, giving all nearby players a shield that decays over time. The second heroic ability, Reverse Amp, adds a nerf effect to Lucio’s songs, affecting all enemy units within its area of effect – slowing them or depleting their health. Note that this doesn’t negate the positive effects for team members. It sounds like Lucio will be as much a help in Heroes of the Storm as he is in Overwatch, although he does have some weaknesses; Blizzard goes over them in the video above.