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May 25, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Resident Evil 7 Free DLC Delayed – “Not A Hero” to “Not Good Enough”, CAPCOM Says

Resident Evil - Not a Hero
Will Not a Hero be good enough? (image copyright CAPCOM, 2017)

“Well isn’t this fantastic news.”

I’m sure after we all completed (with myself being somewhat months delayed) the outstanding Resident Evil 7, we were all somewhat excited with the last message after the credits rolled:


Fantastic. This is brilliant. More Resident Evil content to keep me busy! I scoured and scoured the menus’, but couldn’t seem to find this ‘free’ content that was marketed at the end of the game. The somewhat ‘masters’ of hidden paywalls and shady business practises, I felt I hadn’t learnt my lesson since I was extorted to purchase Resident Evil 5’s Versus Mode DLC – despite being locked on the disc.

With the deadline of ‘Spring 2017’ coming and going – it was clear that the anticipated “Not A Hero” seemed to have vanished into obscurity. CAPCOM issued a statement on the official Resident Evil YouTube account.

Producer Masachika Kawata and Director Koshi Nakanishi reluctantly explained that they “concluded that this DLC was not good enough to meet those high expectations”

Although I am gutted that they have missed the deadline of Spring 2017 for the release of the DLC, a part of me is grateful that CAPCOM have quality control – which can’t be said for some developers out there.

Let’s not take away from the fact Resident Evil 7 was a fantastic game and made a lot of die-hard Resident Evil fans regain their faith in the series and the new direction that the company is taking with the franchise.

Resident Evil - Mia
Resident Evil 7’s use of modern day first person horror games blended with the Franchise mainstay item management mechanics, ensured that CAPCOM still have the ability to take a Franchise in the right direction. (Image copyright CAPCOM. 2017)

If you haven’t checked out Resident Evil 7, I highly recommend you do. It doesn’t need you to have knowledge of previous games in the series, just a night with the curtains closed, lights off and headphones on. You can check out my first impressions of Resident Evil 7 from my first impressions stream below: