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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Street Fighter Live on TBS

As posted a while back, ELEAGUE @EL is having an event that spans a few months.  Televised live on Turner Broadcasting Network, the FGC has it’s time to shine.  At the beginning of this week on the 27th of March started the kickoff.  Group A played all the way through that Monday.  We lost a couple of competitors that day as @HelloKittyRicki (Evil Geniuses)  and Vietnams own @MarnORZ (Rise Nation) unfortunately did not make it out of group play.  Not to be worried though I’m sure we’ll continue to see the both of them throughout the CPT.   Tuesday we lost @gllty & @TheAlexValle

Shenanigans went down on Wednesday in Group C.  @KBradJStorm (Evil Geniuses)  and @gootecks were dropped.  Kbrad and Wolfkrone have a pretty good rivalry going.  Besting each other back and fourth in competitions.  As we watch in between the matches it looks exactly like a WWE Promo video where two heels are trading punches on their way to the top.   It’s great, even if it is just for show the FGC sure loves watching it.   I for one concur it’s exciting to see substance outside of gameplay.  It get’s people watching, even if they know nothing about Street Fighter people tend to love watching fights.  Generations grew up watching it.  So as long as no one gets hurt, and everyone remains a good sport in high spirits, there is nothing wrong with pandering to a larger crowd.



Thursday @Circa_LPN & @thisislijoe were eliminated.  I was pulling for Joe personally, watching him last year at Evo was inspiring.  He’s a great guy and I hope to see more from him in this years CPT and EVO 2017.  




So with all Group Prelims out of the way every there are quite a few people left to fight it out before the playoffs in May.    I will be attending a few of these events over the course of the next few months.  Be on the lookout for some live coverage of the events, as well at watch it on @TBSNetwork or live on Twitch