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March 4, 2024

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Tek Tier Preview for Ark Shows Everything You Should Expect Come Release

One of the most exciting and controversial topics surrounding ARK is the TEK TIER update, which adds in new resources and structures to build, Well now Studio WildCard has release a preview video showcasing every thing surrounding TEK tier.

The main thing that was stated was that TEK tier is going to be one of the hardest things to get into, not only will you need to farm bosses to get enough Element ( the new resource ) to power anything TEK related, but you will also need to Farm bosses to be able to learn the engrams.

The engrams for TEK tier are going to be acting a little bit different, instead of simply allocating engram points, you will be learning as you fight bosses, eventually gathering enough knowledge for you to build the structure, how this exactly works, and how much would it take, remains to be seen.

Once you learn TEK tier grade engrams though, you will be able to make Giant Transmitters that let you switch servers, and Build TEK armor that grants you certain abilities depending on the piece you wear, like super speed, negated fall damage, and night vision, and even making cybernetic Armor for your Rex.

Hopefully the fact that TEK tier takes a lot of effort to get, wont mean the game will be absolute hell for new players, though it will be interesting how Mega Tribes end up controlling Servers with the Transmitter being a thing, doesn’t seem like anyone will continue to be safe much longer.

the update will be bringing much more than just new engrams though. there will be a new Hair system that makes your characters hair grow out over time, it was said by the Dev’s that 8 hours is what it takes for your hair to fully grow back, and you will need to make scissors to cut it down, you could also do different styles and and even dye it, and yes Women do grow beards.

All that and more is planned to be available by March, hopefully soon we will be getting a preview on the underwater bases sometime soon.