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May 25, 2024

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TellTale’s The Walking Dead Final Season

The Walking Dead

It’s been a journey. Ups and downs. Zombies and more zombies.

But as every book has an epilogue, signifying its last few pages… and as every movie, after its climax begins to settle…

games do also end. And the end of an entire game series is all-the-more a heavier blow.

And as of yesterday, the 8th of June, you could preorder the last chapter of Clementine’s story, as the Walking Dead by Telltale has its final season.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead Final Season (website)

But why are we talking about The Walking Dead, besides its final season being up for grabs — or up for pre-orders? Well, it’s E3 news too. So here’s an E3 teaser for you! Be sure to keep your eyes open for this gem at E3 this year.

But let’s get into the game, the facts, and then a bit of breakdown before we end on a happy-sad note along with my honest thoughts.

The Final Facts

  • The last season will be available for download August 14 on all current consoles and PC. This includes a Switch version, however, it will come a bit later, although I don’t have a date yet.
  • It will cost around $19.99, which is just about £15.
  • The procedure is the same as always, you can purchase the full season and get access to all four episodes as they release or you can buy them as they come.
  • Important! If you pre-order the final season on PS4 or the Xbox One, you’ll receive access to all existing seasons and episodes through the “The Walking Dead: The TellTale Series Collection”. Which is a pretty nifty deal, if I had to say so myself!
  • PC players are unfortunately only getting 10% off the full price if they buy through either Steam, GOG, GamersGate, MacGameStore, or the Humble Store.

Do keep in mind that the pre-order offers all end on the 14th of August.

Now, let’s get into the game and what we can expect!

The Last Breakdown

Without spoiling much, we follow Clementine as she’s become this fierce survivor. But her skills will be tested as she must secure a secluded school, which might just be her safe. However, for this to become her home, she has got to become the leader and she has got to fight. 

  And with TellTale, your decisions matter…

Decisions = Sacrifices

You will have to fight back the tears as Clem’s journey comes to an end in an emotional, chair-gripping finale. You’ll have to make tough decisions that will impact how Clem’s story ends.

Further, your choices will also define AJ becomes, as he watches your every move because you are the only family he has left — and vice-versa.

  • The story, we can all agree, will be the main focus (as always). However, “story” isn’t exactly something we should be worried about since the people behind “TellTale’s The Walking Dead” have proved that they can write heart-wrenching and gripping story moments. “The Walking Dead” by TellTale is probably one of the most praised narrative series of all time!
  • Gameplay — to me — has sometimes felt a bit clunky, and walking around was slow and could become tedious. However, with the new over-the-shoulder camera system they’ve built into the game, the player is allowed greater freedom to explore. This, combined with added scenes of unscripted combat, should provide the player with a more realistic “scare” from time to time.
  • Visually, the first season was a bit grainy (still pretty though), however, the following seasons surely picked up and became prettier. But this time, the all-new Graphic Black art style will be the most honest take on the Eisner Award-Winning comic book series, which the TellTale series is based on!

An Ending Note

To give you my honest opinion, if I hadn’t already bought the first seasons (excluding Michonne’s season), I would be all over this pre-order, as it really is a great deal! Just price-wise, you get so much more than what you would get for the little money you actually spend.

And of course, you’re also getting the final season, which in itself, is probably worth the price since 20 bucks are about a third of a full game!

But tell me, have you played The Walking Dead?  Are you planning on getting the final season?  Are you going to E3?

Tell me in the comments below!


Frederik Becker 

[email protected]