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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

The Lawbreaking Experience

This game has been in Beta for a few times now and every new iteration they take things to heights.  They clearly listen to feedback and have taken every step to make sure that the community will grow alongside the game itself.  I have played since one of the first closed alpha runs this game had back when it was first announced to the public.  Each time I play I feel myself enjoying it more.  Anti-Gravity adds some interesting learning curves to the PvP arena.  Now the whole map isn’t anti-gravity but there are certain spaces that will allow you to zip across areas with little to no effort.  If you haven’t seen or heard about this game take a few seconds out of your day and check out their YouTube I have linked down below.  Now if you don’t have a great PC that can run this game smooth like warm butter to bread than you’re in luck.  Announced today Lawbreakers will be coming to PS4!  That is great news for the community now widening the player base, giving this work of art the recognition it deserves.  So I hope to see you all out there whichever side of the Law you may be on let’s defy some f***’n gravity…

Be sure to follow @lawbreakers for chances to opt-in beta play