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April 19, 2024

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PlayStation 4 Takes Aim in PlayStation VR With The Aim Controller

So back in the PlayStation 3 era, Sony PlayStation had helped put together a controller to help bring the real feel to the shooter genre. It wasn’t a huge hit as I personally didn’t own one or even knew of anyone that actually did. It was more of a shell to place the PlayStation Move controllers in. However, it was situated to feel like a sub machine gun which is really the same thing PlayStation 4’s Aim Controller is going for. Though the Sharpe Shooter was much bigger and in my opinion looked like a new age nerf gun, the Aim Controller is much lighter, smaller, comes ready to play (no PlayStation Move controllers required) and looks less visually like a gun. Now it looking less like a gun sounds like a bad thing but what I mean by that is it doesn’t try hard to take the image of a gun but it is shaped like a gun and feels like a gun when your holding it ready to shoot at what ever comes your way. It even features every button found on the PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller and yes that means the touchpad too. There are even two R1 buttons to allow for a left handed or right handed person to take aim with the controller at ease. The Aim Controller even features a rechargeable battery, but unfortunately doesn’t come with its own charging cable (I know, come on Sony get with the times. People like there rechargeable cables to come packaged with there rechargeable devices), so hopefully you still have your Dualshock 4’s charging cable laying around somewhere if it’s not already charging two other Dualshock 4 controllers since the Dualshock 4 controllers also come packaged without charging cables (ok I’m done ranting about charging cables now). Now having a few hours with the Aim Controller playing Far Point really helped me shape my opinion on the device. First off, coming packaged with Far Point for just $80 (US Dollars) was a bargain to me, your pretty much getting a game and physical content in one since a lot of titles normally cost $60 these days and that’s just for the game by itself. After fully charging the device and playing Far Point for a while, the Aim Controller’s battery held out well without losing a bar from its charge. The controls felt pretty easy to find after some practice. The PlayStation camera tracking on the device worked very well, keeping my gaming experience feeling on point. All in all I enjoyed my experience with the Aim Controller. Now Impact Gear and Sony Interactive Entertainment both brought PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR the Aim Controller and Far Point, however are there more games in the pipeline that the Aim Controller can benefit from? Is this just a one and done opportunity for the Aim Controller? If you have a Aim Controller what are some of your thoughts about it? Please answer all the questions in the comments. In my personal opinion with the PlayStation VR selling so well, I do believe PlayStation should make more use out of there PlayStation 4 Aim Controller. I don’t feel the controller would work well for a pistol or knife experience, but definitely if they bring a arcade style FPS or just a FPS in general to the table that has you using a sniper or an assault rifle or even a shotgun, this Aim Controller can definitely benefit from that on the PlayStation VR. I wouldn’t mind a hunting game or even a FPS competitive multiplayer online game experience. The PlayStation 4 Aim Controller was developed by Impact Gear for PlayStation 4’s VR. It released bundled with Far Point on May 16th, 2017. For more on the Aim Controller and everything gaming, keep it locked right here on MagGamer.