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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Theres a Japanese Nintendo Switch Game that will require you to upgrade the its SD Card

Nintendo has had a reputation, for designing their consoles with limited storage space, which is weird considering how we move closer and closer to an all digital age in gaming.

The game in question is is a collection game, which includes dragon quest heroes I and II, which comes at around 32 Gb of space to install if you got it digitally, granted, it is two games, so buyer beware and all that, but to think that you can fill up the space that comes stock with the switch with just two games (actually you wont even have enough space for the second game anyway) should say a lot about how the console was designed.

If your not bothered with getting another SD card than this shouldn’t be an issue, at least you know now that your going to want to keep an eye out for a cheap SD card once you get a Switch.

The switch comes default with 32 Gb internal memory and some of it will always be used for its operating system, so even despite the fact this is a Japanese exclusive game, it just means that your Switch Console will fill up relatively quickly, which I’m sure most Nintendo fans aren’t worried about, and since this is nothing new for Nintendo, I’m sure it wont affect the Switch’s success at least when compared to other Nintendo
products, not sure what this would mean for third party support though.