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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Weekly Featured Cosplayers: Hayley and Victor

Hayley as Cindy from FFXV

Every week, our goal is to introduce you to two amazing cosplayers. This week, we have Hayley, a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, and Victor, a lover of anime. Both are extremely talented and passionate about what they do!





Hayley as Rin Tohsaka

For seven years, Hayley has used the art of cosplay as a means to channel the characters that she loves. She’s dressed as Beauty and the Beast’s Belle and as DC’s Bombshell Harley Quinn, amongst many others, but it all started with FFVIII’s Rinoa in 2010. Growing up, she felt that she related to the character, and had an appreciation for both her energy and her costume – so, it was only fitting for her to choose Rinoa as her first cosplay.

Rinoa isn’t the only character from the Final Fantasy series that Hayley has portrayed – she’s also dressed as a Prompto-appreciating Cindy from Square Enix’s most recent addition, Final Fantasy XV. For her, the franchise has played a major role in her childhood; as a kid, she recounts even acting out the games, because at this point, there weren’t voice actors yet!

Her goal is to do more Final Fantasy cosplays, and at the moment, is commissioning both a FFVII and Advent Children’s Tifa costumes. A full-on FFXV’s Cindy cosplay is also in her thoughts. There’s more than just Final Fantasy in her future though, as she’s in talks with a hospice to come in for the children dressed as Belle!

Outside of dressing as one of her many favorite characters, Hayley acts! She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing a lot of video games, reading, and learning new make-up techniques to try out.

You can find Hayley on both Facebook and Instagram, and if you would like to show your support, check her out on Kofi and Patreon!

Victor as Damien Bloodmarch

After Grell Sutcliff from the anime Black Butler entered Victor’s life, he knew he had to cosplay as him; this was in August of 2015, a time before Victor had even heard the term ‘cosplay’. It wasn’t until after he tried a Grell costume, that he found the cosplaying community and gained knowledge from those who were well-versed in the art. As it already shows, his inspiration comes from anime, with Black Butler being the most influential.

Victor doesn’t believe his skill to be the most-advanced, but when it comes to creating his costumes, he makes what he can and welcomes a challenge to his crafting skills. His favorite character to cosplay is Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age: Inquisition, in which he actually crafted the armor from scratch, and then commissioned a special wig. He considers Dorian the most fun to play due to his flamboyant personality, and that he feels as if he can relate to him as a character.

Victor’s future cosplay plans consist of making a Fenris from Dragon Age 2 after finishing up his Loki from the Marvel Universe cosplay.

When he’s not in character, Victor works with horses, and enjoys singing, drawing, playing various instruments, dancing, weight-lifting, and making films.

You can find Victor on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!