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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Weekly Featured Cosplayers: Ryland and Jule

Ryland as Chloe Price

We’re back again this week to introduce you to Ryland and Jule. Both have a love for characters and their art, and it shines through with how precise they are with each costume!




Ryland as Max Caulfield

As Ryland puts it, “before cosplaying, I was traveling the world playing a wannabe Indiana Jones with an obsession with archaeological finds,” but eventually toned down and became grounded. Of course, changing lifestyles also means picking up new hobbies, and that’s when cosplaying entered Ryland’s life.

After scrolling through his Instagram feed with a friend, they noticed some cosplay on it — he quickly came to the conclusion that it was something he could do, and with the encouragement of his friend (who happened to be a photographer), he threw together a quick L from the anime Death Note.

Since then, Ryland has dabbled in other cosplays, but a genderbent Chloe Price from Life is Strange has been his favorite so far. The rebellious blue-haired teenager from DONTNOD’s Life is Strange hasn’t been his only genderbent costume; he’s also done Max Caulfield from the same title, and Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. He enjoys doing genderbent cosplays, because they allow for more creativity.

In the future, he would love to do more genderbending, along with The Babadook and Ymir from Attack on Titan. 

For more of Ryland’s cosplay check out his Instagram and DeviantArt!

Jule as Tracer

Cosplaying has been a part of Jule’s life for the last three years. In 2013, she dressed as Hip Hopper 1 from the German musical Starlight Express, yet it wasn’t until she attended GamesCom for the first time, that she discovered what she had done previously was cosplay. At the event, she was amazed by the crowds of people wearing her favorite characters, and it was at this point that she knew she wanted to start cosplaying.

Jule is never alone when it comes to creating her costumes; her parents are an amazing support system who aids her in sewing, crafting, and creating a masterplan with each cosplay.

Costumes in her arsenal include Harley Quinn, Overwatch’s Hanzo, and Overwatch’s Tracer. In the future, she would like to cosplay as Toph Beifong from Avatar and Midna from Zelda Twilight Princess. Outside of cosplaying, her interests include playing video game, watching different series, and going out with her friends.

Interested in more of Jule’s cosplay? Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!

Photo Credits for Jule as Tracer: MetalSpy