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July 18, 2024

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Weekly Featured Youtuber: SuperButterBuns

Weekly Featured YouTuber Spotlight


SuperButterBuns is a video game youtuber, who focuses mostly on Playstation and PC games, but doesn’t limit herself to those. Her main series: “For Beginners”, is a series about giving an overview of a game and explaining core mechanics, as well as having a comedic spin and a whole butt-ton of personality. Just because it is for beginners, does not mean that you can’t enjoy it even if you’ve either already beaten the game, or don’t plan on playing it, as she can keep you interested either way.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, she does have other videos which include much more general video game thoughts, interesting gameplay videos, and some comedy shorts. Her level of comedy is different from most youtubers, and gets me laughing much more than others, to say the least. She uploads quite frequently for the amount of effort she puts into her videos, most running up to 30 minutes a video, with no drops in overall effort throughout the videos.

She deserves much more than she currently has subscriber-wise, and it’s tragic to see a channel with this much spunk and creativity, only have 141k subscribers. If you have time for some interesting and overall hilarious videos, please check her out.

Channel Page:

SuperButterBuns YouTube Channel

Every Tuesday MagGamer will be featuring a new YouTuber to bring recognition to their channel.

This week’s featured YouTuber is: SuperButterBuns.