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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

I was pleasantly surprised to find the wild lands had enough mission variety to continue to be interesting.

Its all amplified by how good the co op experience is aswell.

But wild lands has enough varied objectives that make you really scour each outpost to make sure you accomplish your mission, especially when you try to Ghost it.

The variety of missions so far from the beta has been.

Intel Extraction – where you find classified intel for your main target.

Prisoner Extraction – prisoner has information that can lead you to next mission.

Destroying Supplies and weapons – in the beta it was mortars, but the objective could be different every time the mission could come up.

Interrogate HVT – Sneaking your way in just to grab one guy in the middle of a base, simple, yet satisfying.

Eliminate HVT – usually has more than one in the same area meaning you have to plan accordingly to eliminate swiftly.

Extract HVT – now you got to get the guy out without him or you dieing.

Now these objectives might not be the most bombastic, but really it’s the structure that makes it work.

The fact that you get an objective placed in hard to infiltrate area and you’re told “figure out how to get in there” with certain parameters to complete gives a satisfying layer of challenge that i was pleasantly surprised to find.

Now the true question is, will the rest of the Regions available in wild lands continue to have different and better stakes for the missions even if the objectives repeat, its all about the obstacles in your way to the objective after all, if the obstacles are always in your way in the exact same way every time, it will lose its challenge quickly, and become stale.

When the game comes out, Mag Gamer will be letting you know if the game holds up in this regard.