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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Wild Lands Truly is Co op, not Single Player

With the Beta of Wild Lands ending, i ended up having a lot of questions regarding who is this game really for.

What i ended up with is pretty simple.

The story in wildlands in the way its presented, could probably only be appreciated when played alone.

In my experience with the game, me and my friends could have cared less about any exposition or cutscenes being showed to us, we just wanted to get to the next mission.

The opposite is true for gameplay, where playing alone with AI team mates gives you a feeling that there’s a huge lack of depth and variety to how you can accomplish missions, the squad AI never really did anything to feel dynamic like it could with real players despite what the trailers may show you, and since their truly is no consequence for getting spotted other than more enemies to fight, you can literally go guns blazing every mission, since you pretty much do everything yourself anyway.

Its interesting how it works.

In co op the lack of restrictions or penalties is a good thing, because it makes the game more fun, and less about perfectionism, instead its voluntary which gives the all the power to the players to decide, ultimately improving the experience at their leisure, but in single player it brings a stale experience with not much depth, because the way you can tackle missions becomes significantly narrower because there’s only so much the AI can do.

The only thing is that in coop it is heavily dependant on the players you play with, but i feel like that doesn’t take away from the point that this game is far more enjoyable in co op gameplay wise.

Just don’t expect to understand much of the story when all your friends are too busy laughing at a flying car trying to force its way through a building (yea that happened when we played)