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Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship

A new PC game has sailed into my radar and at first impression, the game’s visual display is quite unique.
The …


Hitman: Definitive Edition

Hitman: Definitive Edition Also known as Hitman 2016, the episodic game that both spurred some controversy, however, it completely 180-yed everyone’s expectations when the game actually was good. Episodic games had been made prior to Hitman’s release, but they were typically narrative-driven games by TellTale, the developer and publisher behind The Walking Dead, Batman:

Shape Of The World – Alternative Game Play

  Sometimes you feel bored playing the same old game genre that you wish you try out a totally different game. Is it possible?? In came Stu Maxwell, the developer of Shape of the World ; giving us a game to just get lost and enjoy. Just wander and travel adventurously

Hunt: Showdown Update

Hunt: Showdown (patch one) We’re back to talking about this little Crytek developed game featuring all kinds of creeping horrors. I reviewed this game some time ago, and you can read the full review right here: Hunt: Showdown Review But if you want the short version, stay tuned because before

New Gundam Breaker – Break! Build! Battle!

If you familiar with Gundam Build Divers anime , then you will know what is the game is all about. It is an exciting concept that you build your own Gunpla (robot), and battle it out on certain terrain. BREAK! Salvage as many body parts, weapons and etc from fallen


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