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May 25, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

God of War Ragnarok: The Summoning Walkthrough

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God of War Ragnarok: The Summoning Objectives

  • Reach Surtr’s forge
  • Approach the ashen man
  • Follow Surtr

God of War Ragnarok: The Summoning Rewards

  • Kratos: 15,000 XP
  • Atreus: 7,500 XP

Now that you’ve been Hunting for Solace, it’s time for The Summoning. Immediately upon arriving in Muspelheim, you’ll have to hand over Mimir as part of a cutscene. Drop down the wall, and on the left you’ll spy a red chest surrounded by vines. Use a Sigil Arrow and the Blades of Chaos to open it for HacksilverAsgardian Ingot, and Dwarven Steel. Then take the opposite path and deal with the Dodher Wisps in the cave. Remember, you’ll need to hit these with a Sigil Arrow before defeating them. There’s a Legendary Chest in here, unmissable from sight, so make sure you open it for Divine Ashes. There’s also some Petrified Bone in a bucket overhead.

Instruct Atreus to fire a Sigil Arrow at the vines blocking the crack in the wall ahead, and slip through. It’s time for a tough battle, against Draugr Lords and a Wight. Remember to collect the Beast Scraps once you’re done. Then squeeze behind the lava fall. Follow Atreus down the path. If you look back on the way down, there’s a rock you can break with the Draupnir Spear for a Nornir Chest.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Flame Phantom

It’s been a little while since we had a boss fight, hasn’t it? The Flame Phantom boss fight is much the same as the Frost Phantom you fought in The Word of Fate. You need to target the glowing rune, which is effectively it’s head, with Sigil Arrows. Attack with your Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos when it’s glowing to stagger the foe. Once it’s successfully stunned, there are two purple pillars at the back of the arena that you can destroy. The third purple pillar is just off to the side, behind a rock that you can detonate with the Draupnir Spear. Throw your Leviathan Axe at the third and final pillar to destroy it, and then land a few more hits on the Flame Phantom and finish it off with R3. You’ll get a Heavy Runic Attack for the Draupnir Spear named Vindsvalr’s Windstorm, as well as Petrified BoneShattered RunesAsgardian IngotBonded LeatherLuminous AlloyHacksilver, and a Frozen Flame for your troubles.

Once you’re ready to move on, slip through the gap in the fence. On the other side, you’ll discover Surtr’s Forge. Use the rope to traverse across. Approach the ashen man, just up the small hill, and watch the brief cutscene. It’s time for another battle.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Soul Eater

Oh, great, a Soul Eater! But not just one of them, two! In terms of combat encounter, these are similar to Forest Ancients, albeit with a fiery spin. The Soul Eaters will open up their chest and shoot a beam of fire at you, much like a flamethrower. When the chest area is exposed, you need to throw your Leviathan Axe at the sensitive spot to do damage. Watch out for the beam of fire that will inevitably come your way. The Soul Eater will also spit debris out into the arena, which you’re best keeping out of the way of. Try to remain mobile, and split the two Soul Eaters up if you can, as they’re easier to deal with one-on-one. There will be some Draugr Warriors who’ll arrive to add additional challenge, so take care of them, too. Once you’ve inflicted enough damage on the Soul Eaters to climb on top of them, hit R3 and punch them in the chest to finish them off. You’ll get a Chaos Flame, and a new EnchantmentBoon of Fury, for your troubles.

Return back up the hill to speak with the ashen man once more. Watch the cutscene that unfolds. Follow Surtr forwards, through the iron grate he melts, and down into the tunnel. At the bottom, you’ll discover The Spark of the World. Jump across the platforms to catch up with Surtr, and then continue to follow him forwards until a cutscene begins. Watch what happens.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Hrist & Mist

Nothing like a couple of Valkyries to lay the smackdown on, eh? As soon as the cutscene with Surtr has concluded, you’ll need to take on a devastating double-team of Hrist & Mist. Tracking both of them is pretty tough, but as with the Soul Eaters, you’ll want to try and separate them if you can. Of course, that’s easier said than done, as they’ll use their wings to swoop around the arena and get the jump on you. At the very least, try to position yourself in a way where you can see both enemies on screen at once.

In terms of attack patterns, there’s nothing too outlandish here. One of the Valkyries will spin on the spot, but this can be safely guarded. They’ll also jump up and smash into the ground, although you can parry this attack. Occasionally they’ll both fly away and then soar towards you, but these swooping attacks can be parried, unlocking an opportunity for you to attack. Once you’ve cleared their health bar once, they’ll immediately regenerate and knock you off the arena. Mash circle to climb back up, and rescue Atreus.

This time they’ll be more aggressive. Be careful when they jump off the stage and launch an attack into the ground, as this will ripple through the floor and do some pretty devastating damage. You’re also going to have to take care of Atreus during this fight, as occasionally he’ll call for help. Run over and push the square button to get him back on his feet.

Deplete their health bar for a second time, and they’ll regenerate once more. The fight doesn’t change much at this point, so just repeat the steps from above to inflict a final round of punishment. If one of the Valkyries uses its wings to block, then shield strike it by double-tapping L1 to break their guard. Once their health bar has been depleted for a third time, push the R3 button to start the finisher, which triggers a short but spectacular QTE sequence. Once the fight has finished, you’ll unlock the Better Together Trophy. You’ll also get a Gale Flame for your troubles.

Once the fight is over, head over to the cliff-face to see what Atreus is looking at. This will complete The Summoning, but you’ll still need to follow Atreus back to the nearest Mystic Gateway in Muspelheim. On the way back up, out of The Spark of the World, there’s a red chest you can open for HacksilverPetrified Bone, and Dwarven Steel. As you emerge back out into Muspelheim, you’ll immediately be ambushed by some of Odin’s forces, including a Wyvern. Take care of it and collect the Beast Bones it drops.

Jump to the wall and climb up. Jump down at the end and open the yellow chest for Hacksilver before slipping through the hole in the wall. Naturally, you’re going to encounter some more Einherjars blocking your way, so take care of them. Continue forward and dispatch the Draugrs and Nightmares up the hill, then shimmy behind the lava fall. On the other side is a bunch of Einherjar Riders and a Dodher Gradungr. You’ll want to dislodge the rider first, so you can take care of the Dodher Gradungr, otherwise it’ll keep getting healed.

Once you’re done, slip through the crack in the rocks. One of Odin’s Ravens is directly ahead, on the other side, so make sure you kill it as part of the Favour named The Eyes of Odin. Climb up the wall to reach the Mystic Gateway, where you’ll meet up once more with Mimir, so pick him up. You can travel to Midgard at this point to continue with the story, or head off and tackle other quests. Once you’re ready, ride the sled to Tyr’s Temple and take the lift up. Freya will be waiting for you once you get off, so follow her forward to learn more of the impending battle. Once you reach your tent, The Realms at War will begin.


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