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Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship

A new PC game has sailed into my radar and at first impression, the game’s visual display is quite unique.
The …



Everything Sony E3 2018 Press Conference

This is… Everything Sony Brought to E3 2018! With a sweet transition of a high school-ish kiss, we’re in a swamp, choking a guy with our knife all while being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a murky forest. It’s, of course… The Last of Us II In-Between Games In-between

Pokémon: Let’s GO!

All the 90’s kids (probably also a large chunk of people from other generations) are cheering on the announcement of the two BRAND NEW Pokémon games unveiled for the Switch! I had heard rumours and Nintendo had teased it at last year’s E3. But finally… the reality of a console

Bi-Weekly Recommendation No.1

Bi-Weekly Recommendations is one time every other week where I’ll sit down and think about one to three games I’ve played that I want to recommend to you! My recommendation can be based on multiple reasons, ranging from an unbelievable price drop, a hidden gem, a classic, or other like-minded


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