The Treats of January 2018

With the year a new and still at its very beginning, games are ready to storm the month of January. Let’s take a look at some games I believe you should keep an eye on this month. Metal Gear Survive Beta Regardless of the past discrepancies with Konami MGS and

K Code event

MagGamer.com will have a 24 hour K code event showcasing all the talented gamers from a group called K code. The Konami KCode team is all about finding the best streamers and content creators under one roof so we can point the community their direction. There are some amazing contributors

Konami Is Actually Doing Well Financially

The name Konami has not exactly had the best reputation these days, their decisions on the direction their going has not exactly been pleasing their long time fans, many boycotting their products and wishing for their bankruptcy like THQ, so they would sell off their IPs to the highest bidder.


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