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June 15, 2024

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The elephant in the room – Kojima or Konami? – Who will SurviVe

The elephant in the room

Let me start this off by saying the only reason I still play video games is because of the Metal Gear Series. Since the age of 6, I played what is known as the Father of Stealth genre Metal Gear and as the years pass the series has taken me to so many different places and gave me so many great perspectives on life and Gaming that I am creatively forever grateful to Kojima and Konami for providing me with the greatest Experience in my gaming life.

This said its a new day and we are getting something completely different than we are use to but saying that we are use to Metal Gear games isn’t something that can hold ground if your a true Metal Gear fan like me than you know the series Anti War themes and messages create such an extraordinary Experience that not one game in the series has felt the same if we are speaking themes and messages it runs different each time. That said let’s get into what’s next before i spend hours typing about the greatest Video Game series ever Metal Gear.

What exactly is Metal Gear SurviVe everyone is asking? I would be lying if I say I know all the details but a lot is clear right now about the direction and formula that is being used. We all played Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, if you haven’t than live a little and get yourself the steal of the internet at Amazon

This Game has the current experience of the series who takes you through some serious Psychological effects and brilliant Gameplay designs for a dynamic Experience no player should ever miss out on. Take the amazing gameplay mechanics and add them to MGSurviVe and you are guaranteed to have tons of exciting experiences. It digs deeper by adding Co-Op and Survival base mechanic to an already amazing formula of gameplay. It will be a special experience for players like myself to bring 3 other players and show off my CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and sneaking ability. The Survival game elements include crafting things like fences to keep herds of enemies out or turret guns to shoot them down. The variety adding that to a already robust Weapons, items and gadgets system will turn up the freedom of choice more than any other game to date.

While these things excite me more than I will even write let’s get into the Elephant in the room, The big split of Kojima and konami was heartbreaking for me. It was like watching my mother and Father go through an ugly divorce on national tv except it was online, adding memes and wild speculations. The split was so devastating it divided some of the Metal Gear communities. Some sided with Kojima because he didn’t seem to do anything wrong, others felt Konami isn’t taking low blows and not leaking out the dirty truth. I myself was incapable of choosing a side and felt like they gave me 30 years of what is the Greatest Video Game Series of all time. So who am i to complain about a change? Kojima is off finally changing his creative flow and designing something where I am sure he is passionate about the creative freedom to not stick to a Snake character and explore new universes as he creates them.

All this while MGS fans are left without its original creator and Konami looking like the bad guys in it all. How do we justify the bad press and coverage of Kojima’s vs konami? We don’t and we cannot be foolish to reject the series that has been one of the most influential series in all of video games. I don’t think Konami will destroy MGS series. They have done other types of Metal Gear (Rising) is one example of MGS series branching out and being successful so much many people want a part 2. Well MGSurviVe isn’t that part 2 but it is another branch to the series. Providing something new and exciting for those who love the Metal Gear Universe and possibly bring in new fans.

The reality is Konami did a few mistakes to say the least, i won’t even need to say the public is well aware. Was Kojima leaving or being fired one of them? not in my opinion. How it all was handled is another story but as someone who studied Kojima creative process, in his interviews he always spoke about MGS not being about one character, this is why mgs1, mgs2 and mgs3 all have different characters. Solid snake, Raiden and then Big Boss. The series was about more than one person and also wasnt suppose to be called Metal Gear but since they had a Metal Gear in it, that’s what they went with. Kojima would joke in interviews how MGS series has him trapped but every joke contains truth and this is why I don’t look at kojima and konami break up as a bad thing.

Yes the divorce leaves MGS Fans like me wondering if Konami can provide not just the fun gameplay but deeper messages and themes like previous ones made by Kojima but it also means Kojima gets to create something new and different. As someone who admires his creative process I am excited to see his work come to life without Konami who supported his visions for 30 years. This said Konami owes its fans some content with meaning and purpose as MGS has provide us and as a Fan I write this excited and skeptical about the MGSurviVe story and how would it tie into the whole series. Justice must be served and so far they delivered on gameplay and an interesting intro Trailer that ties Ground Zeroes ending to new game but how much deep is it tied we the fans are worried and need some new content to calm us down.

I am not a horror heavy guy but seeing creatures and no human enemies in the gameplay and trailer worry me. This isn’t exactly my type of game but MGS series always has super natural aspects but the whole game shouldn’t just be these creators so with a little hope I am sure Konami will deliver more elements that can make any hardcore MGS fan like myself more excited about what’s coming.

This article is written to speak about MGSurviVe but first thing is to eliminate the elephant in the room. Don’t confuse the elephant because it is not Kojima or Konami. The spiteful fans who dare to say they aren’t fans anymore because of the divorce are the elephants disrupting both Kojima and Konami from providing us with hopefully some great games to come. So I don’t want to Apologies to you but cut the nonsense out and support both creators and communities. With all the troubles in this world last thing we need is Gamers Divided over something we have no control over. Lets unite and hope we get the very best from both sides. Konami supported Kojima for 30 years and he gave us greatest. now Lets kojima move on and let konami do the same. You must realize the revolution is within you so don’t fight and look within yourself to help our gaming world excel more and more as we all grow together. Your gaming Communities count on us to build a healthy engaging environment. This is our responsibility as gamers who care about our favorite games. So stop being the elephant in the room and lets enjoy nothing but the best games possible and embrace your community all for the love of Gaming.