The Treats of January 2018

With the year a new and still at its very beginning, games are ready to storm the month of January. Let’s take a look at some games I believe you should keep an eye on this month. Metal Gear Survive Beta Regardless of the past discrepancies with Konami MGS and

How Will Fallout 4 Play in VR?

Recently I have been playing alot of Fallout 4, i liked how the gameplay allows you to really form your own unique play through, and you could experience the game in different ways. So i began to wonder how would the experience hold up in VR? Bethesda is still working

Defenses you can craft in MG Survive

MG Survive is introducing a lot of concepts foreign to Metal Gear, and while they may seem outlandish and not fitting to the series as some might think, there are some genuinely interesting things about Survive. The Crafting system is adding on to the already huge arsenal of assets and


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