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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

A Great First Look for Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Reveal was incredibly promising, to say the least. Glorious cinematics, alongside equally beautiful gameplay, show us how the story of Destiny 2 begins. Implementing into the story an explanation of why our Guardians from Destiny will not be continuing directly into the sequel, which will give us all a fresh new experience. New weapons, armor, supers and subclasses look promising for the game’s potential. A tour through the first mission of the game from the perspective of a warlock leaves us only wanting more as we get a significant view of what’s to come.

Bungie promises a more rewarding, more functional, and more instantaneous experience for Destiny 2. Bringing us side missions, larger open worlds, a map (Praise The Traveler), and the ability to head straight to another world from anywhere without having to return to orbit. We’re also receiving an in-game clan system which will serve as a way to more closely bring together the expansive community of Destiny fans all over the world. I truly feel good about the glimpse into Destiny 2 and hope that Bungie has outdone themselves and delivers the full potential of this marvelous looking game.