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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Best VR on the market? A new version of PSVR in the works?

There are opinions and than there are facts, most journalist write opinions but confuse it with facts, I like to be clear when I speak because I do have a conviction in my tone and chose of worlds at times. this said today I look into VR and what is the best you can get in my opinion “Not Fact” So right away I will say I played every VR thats on the market from Vive to small companies trying to provide some fun and different things. Not going to name many other than PSVr and thats because this post is about whats coming to PSVR and not just my opinion on which is a better VR in the current market. Some exciting new things will make it to the PSVR soon and I will speak on that during my deduction.

First thing is first PSVR is a lot more accessible to players because not everyone can afford a Gaming PC to use some of the other top of the line VR setups. Still being accessible isnt the only thing that makes PSVR better. Its headset design is by far the most comfortable of them all. I can play for hours without it being a pain unlike most of the other headsets which just getting them on can be a problem for new comers. That said VR isnt for everyone and while I own a PSVR and Played tons of Vive and others, I am human and get motion sickness or dizzy once in awhile but the thing is PSVR has such a good format to adjust VR that you can limit those issues on setup. Not including some games get you more motion sickness than others. Either way it provides some awesome experiences that wont be something you wont regret.

Just to touch on VR as a whole we had a interview with Resident Evil 7 Community Manager Morgane about the game and spoke about VR and I have to say Resident evil has become such an amazing experience to be immersed in the game with PSVR makes it scary even for the tough guys who say nothing scares them and that the point I want to make. Video games keeps evolving and VR is a huge step in many regards because I dont scare easy and its more of a writers view I tend to predict what will happen so I never get that thrill but with VR i am no longer watching I am in the universe and experience it for myself which really has me on the edge often. This Resident evil 7 is one great example of this. here is the interview we had with Community manager watch if you please.

As developers we can really take the gaming experience to a whole new level and I am excited to see what we can do. PSVR especially is in the lead with some amazing experiences. PSVR is prepping for some great experiences and this video can show you the Musical side of the experience. 3D sound is huge in PSVR and I really love how deep a game takes me with the sound and they are bringing music experience it will be unbelievable to be at a Concert in VR. check this out for what is to come.

As a fellow musician I am excited for the Joshua Bell VR Experience and think it can be great if all concerts will build this into its stages. Think of your favorite artist you been wanting to see live but they are in the other side of the world so you get to watch in VR with 3D Sound. Right now there are tons of great VR experiences. I watched a NBA game with my Favorite team front roll seats and that was a blast. Bringing VR int just for games we can take so much in life and use this Tech for expanding our already great universe. Without getting into the tech side too deep Sony recently Patent a Tracking system. Which in other words The new system would allow for more accuracy. Speculation is the PSVR might go wireless.

All of this said its really exciting to see what is next for this generation of rapid growth. I dont want to touch on more than what I have said and hope you can experience some fun times with PSVR someday. Thank you for reading and you know where to be for all things Gaming. Peace