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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

My Memory of Us | A future Candidate for GOTY 2018?

Where to begin, well I am know to be very enthusiastic about life and games. I focus on positives and hardly bother with any negative in my life and with gaming. that said today is no different. I am pulling for this game to be a GOTY candidate for 2018. Its not a huge project no AAA title but it packs the type of Punch/Kiss that will knock you off your feet. Well maybe not you but it definitely knocked me off my feet from one simple trailer and details about it. This game is called ( My Memory of Us. ) Power in title but more so in concept. With the world living in a capitalism mindset society forces us to be consumers or sellers and nothing in between. We all have to have this or that and we need it have it on demand. Instant access to everything which can be convenient and I am not complaining but if we take a deeper look at all these fancy clothing, cars, phones and technology we need need 90% of it so I wish we can all settle down and be human beings more often. Lets not take our health for granted, lets not take family or friends for granted, Lets cherish what we have and make the best of it. I say this because children are by far the best that mankind have to offer. Most of them have pure hearts and live with such a beautiful spirit it amazes me daily to see. We can learn a lot about being better people by just being around some kids. This Game My Memory of Us, tugs at that reality and puts you in a universe where its ou as a child trying to save another child. While it might seem like a kid game at its core, mature adults who game shouldn’t take this game lightly. There are some very special elements to experience with this and I am so excited to play this game already. Check out the trailer for yourself.

As you see its a simple concept and format but the universe and element of helping someone escape provide a lot of great gameplay and story elements. people will try and compare it with one of my favorite games of last year ( Inside ) but inside was a solo mission only worrying about yourself isn’t as thriller and opening up helping someone else provide a deeper story and gameplay. No shots fired at ( Inside ) it was one of my GOTY canidates and I think My Memory of Us will provide something just as good or better. Juggler Games has me extremely complied to play this and whats awesome is we get to meet them at PAX East: 10-12 March 2017, Hall B, Booth 18102.

Check there website for more info.

Wanted to share a few Quotes from their team.

“Children have their own way of thinking. Good, evil, and human relations—they have completely different perceptions of these subjects than adults. They also have something we, as grown-ups, are missing—a natural ability to focus on things that bring us together,” the studio said. “This includes when brutal reality tries to test them. This is the story Juggler Games wants to tell.”

“Inspiration” comes from the Second World War, and there will be references to real-world people and events. “But at the same time, the story told in the game could have happened in a different time and a different place,” Juggler explained. And while “This War of Mine-meets-Steamboat Willie” is a potentially risky approach to an obviously sensitive subject, the studio is handling the game very seriously.

“My Memory of Us is in fact a tribute to our loved ones. We wanted to tell their stories to the world, about their tough childhood experiences; about their nostalgia, their longing for real friendship, and about together opposing the great danger that is war,” creative director Jakub Jabłoński said.

“One day the Evil King simply changed all the rules. He segregated people—some were marked as better, others as worse. He created his own rules and harshly punished anyone who was brave enough to oppose him. Our protagonists don’t agree to this new way of things, to the terror of the tyrant and his army of robots. They decide to find their own paths in this gloomy, yet fascinating world.”

As you can read they are more to the game than cute kids running around and I am impressed with what they look to give us. I hope it comes out on all platforms and the world embraces its great design. This is the Movement real games from Real Gamers at