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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Blizzard turns 26 years old!

26 years ago gave birth to one of the great video game companies. Over the years blizzard has given us some of the more beloved and well-known video game series of all time. From Warcraft to Diablo, to Starcraft and there newly found series Overwatch. Before they were Blizzard, they were known as Silicon & Synapse. While under that name they made, Rock’n’roll racing, Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. Blizzard has always kept to high quality and well-polished games. I’ve been a Blizzard fan since the 90s. My favorite series is Warcraft, then Overwatch. What are your favorite Blizzard Entertainment games?


Happy 26th birthday Blizzard Entertainment! Here’s to another 26 more awesome years!