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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

It’s Mahvel!


Yet another fighting game set to hit shelves this fall, a long-awaited fourth installment into the Marvel vs Capcom series.  This time it will be Infinite, and the universe will expand on many new features, move sets, character playstyles, and even graphics.  Oh and guess what, this game is getting a story mode!  You can download a demo for the story in the Playstation 4 or Xbox One stores.  I have played through the demo quite a few times trying to play each character included and learn their combos.  Fighting seems really fluid to me, you can even tag out before the match starts.  Now, this is no longer the traditional 3v3 that we are all used to.  This goes back to its original roots as a 2v2 fighter.   I’m completely fine with that, it should be a nice change of pace.  Combos can still get crazy and even more intense now with tag ins affecting how you chain moves and super combos together.  I’ve seen @TheComboFiend pull off some 50+ hit combos that looked like a high-level play that required expert timing on inputs.  Right now at CEO, they have arcade cabs set up for people to play and try out the game.  I’m sure we’ll see this make an appearance a few more places along #FGC events around the world.  According to people that have played the vs mode, its seems like a later build from the current story demo that is out now.  I’ve seen some people complain about the graphics but keep in mind this is not the final polished game we have our hands on, so critique away and we may see some changes before players get their hands on the finished product.

eSports is going to have another great game headed its way, and I hope to see this at Evo 2018 in Japan!  I’m not sure what the team has in store for this title, but I’m sure that @diamonon will be helping it progress smoothly.


Some story spoilers

Ultron Sigma is out to take over our side of the universe… As he tries to gather all the Infinity Stones, it’s up to the heroes and even some villains of Marvel and Capcom to stop him for good.  It will take all of them combined to face the might of Sigma!  Thanos makes his appearance in the game originally as a prisoner locked away in an Asgard prison.  You fight your way against minions and drones to bout with Ultron Sigma, only to realize that you are not strong enough to take him on in your current state….