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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe


Excursion teaser trailer

Objective In this game mode players attacking teams objective is to escort POW to DZ which is right on the Enemy HQ or eliminate all enemy threats. Defending team must kill POW to win instantly or eliminate all enemy threats.
Setup Team solid attacks first.

6 on 6:. with 6 players teams chose 1 player to be designated POW and pick enforcer class default loadout Splash when attacking. While attacking team the POW must hold L2 at all times and move toward a teammate as they will be holded a shield for protection.
If POW die than the defending team wins the round, if POW makes it to enemy HQ than attacking team wins.

Restrictions No explosives allowed. That goes for non lethal weapons also. This includes all Grenades except smoke. No Claymores, C4, stun or sleep grenades, no petrol bomb.

No automatic weapons list includes: All LMG, SMG, rocket launchers. All Assault rifles except Un-arc. No Grenade launchers.

usable weapons: all Snipers, shotguns, Un Arc, all side arms except Machet, ze’ev and Sz.336. plushy, fulton cannon, sleep mine, magazines, smoke grenades, E locs, Decoy.

This is a one life only game mode, once a player is killed he is to spawn at his HQ and stay in a Box at the tent until the round is over no matter what.

Match settings are bounty hunter, 6 tickets depending on teams decision on how many players in Lobby. No Gear walkers, no rush mode, 5 min rounds, maps your choice.
Rounds are played out regardless of winner, so try to eliminate everyone so you can have the tie breaker if it comes down to it the bounty mode score will determine tie breakers.
This is Excursion folks enjoy it.

We will be Broadcasting the tournament sunday, July 16th 2pm est.

Watch here

Tournament info


Win a Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain T-shirt, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Limited Edition,

Mgs4 collectors

Ways to win: For each best of 5 series there is a personal objective and that is to be completed the player who does the most wins that series.

Bounty hunter the player with the most fultons

Excursion the player with most headshots

For cloak and dragger the player who delivers the most disk




Sign up on PS4 add MagGamerInc and message. He will group you up with all the players and have a few practice runs to ensure player quality and rules are explained.  Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.