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April 19, 2024

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Nintendo Switch: From Online Service to Communication

So recently it was announced that Nintendo Switch would be releasing its online service in 2018 for a subscription of $20 a year. This subscription would include being able to play free classic NES titles for as long as you have a subscription. Now for $20/yr, this easily places Nintendo Switch’s online service cheaper than PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, giving gamers a more affordable experience. Also (if the wording is correct and we the gamers are hearing this right) having unlimited access to NES classics as long as we have an active subscription definitely beats losing out on time sensitive opportunities that both Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus free monthly games stand for (free monthly games for both these subscriptions only last for a set month and must be downloaded within the set month or the free opportunity is lost forever).

However, will Nintendo keep this price and free unlimited NES classics the only active option on the table for Nintendo Switch owners? While $20/yr and unlimited access to NES classics seems nice for both the price and the nostalgia, both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live offer discounts, special features (like broadcasting and exclusive betas) and offer both newer or older titles for free per month for their active subscription holders. $20/yr is more affordable and yes something doesn’t have to cost more to be better (referring to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live subscription prices), but could the cheaper price suggest a literally cheaper online experience?

Nintendo also explained that communication and partying online would happen offside of the Nintendo Switch console itself and through a smart device application. For example, you could download and run the said application on your phone and use your phone to setup play dates/matches, chat and party up. This idea is highly defended by Nintendo, saying it is the most convenient form of communication since it keeps to the “on the go” experience the Nintendo Switch aims to deliver. Now many of us can agree we do tend to bring our smart devices everywhere do to the conveniences they offer us already, so is it safe to say that this Nintendo application and its “wire trio setup” (wire trio setup is showcased in the above picture) will offer us the same? That whole get up is suppose to launch alongside Splatoon 2.

I would love to hear from all gamers (especially Nintendo Switch owners) their thoughts on both the online service and application details Nintendo has laid out for us here in the comments. In my opinion I do believe Nintendo Switch’s online service price is great especially if it’s only stated to offer unlimited access to NES classics and online gaming. Who can’t afford to spend $20/yr these days? We probably all spend well over that in one calendar week let alone a year. However I do feel going forward they need to get on a say Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus level and offer more to their fans which yes, may cost more unless it’s already a part of future unannounced plans for the $20 a year price point.

As for the smart app for the online gaming experience, I do feel it is convenient for it being on smart devices but this should of been something already situated in the Nintendo Switch day one. What console can’t you speak from, set parties and play dates from these days? On top of which I do believe this three trio wire setup was situated with the thought that gamers would remain seated while playing but what gamer doesn’t get excited? I can easily see this as being another means of dropping smart phones and destroying them because I forgot it was on my lap as I jumped for joy just beating a said high score/just went 25-0 in Splatoon 2.

Again give us your thoughts in the comments on what you think about the online service and online gaming experience application Nintendo Switch will be offering. For more on the Nintendo Switch or anything gaming, be sure to keep it locked right here on MagGamer.