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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Red Hood trailer impressions!

Recently Netherrealm announced Red Hood to be the first dlc character set to release sometime in June. I would have to say Red Hood looks awesome. Looking at the trailer alone there are some things we can discuss and I would give you my opinion on the character.

The character looks like he would be very mobile which is great cause he can control spacing very well and get in quickly if he needed to get in. Looking at his move set at a glance I can say that your first reaction might be “ohh man he’s a zoning character” but as you look at it more and more you would come to see that he has the tools set to become very aggressive up close. This is great because it makes him a hybrid character similar to Batman in the ways he can get in and also zone / anti zone.

This character looks to be very strong and have air projectiles added to his overall play style. Most will agree he will be a big deal once he makes his appearance in June. So to give you a quick over view of his tools he has his ninja stars that can be used to keep opponent at bay and anti air as well. Also there’s his air gun shots and his parry that makes the opponent think twice of pressing buttons when trying to escape that insane corner pressure.

The most interesting one out of the bunch is his mines and lunges. So he has a mine that can be placed on the ground setting up a trap. It also can be placed on the opponents chest weather on the ground or if grabbed in the air. Next will be his ability to lunge forward or backward while using his gun shots mid air. This move looks like it will be very strong giving him the ability to really control spacing and the fact that he has far reaching normals makes it even better. Not sure just yet how well his traps and mix ups will be but it won’t be much longer before getting our hands on and seeing for ourselves.

Following next is his trait, it looks to be electric tasers that can be activated to give him a boost in damage and can be activated in between combos. I’m curious to see if there is a combo that once used with trait will shock and keep the opponent standing leaving the opponent in a 50/50 situation. That’s my thoughts on what was revealed in the trailer. Let me know what you guys think about the character.