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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Three Upcoming Games You Might Like

As the title suggests…

In upcoming games news, I have three very different games to talk about!

Black Future ’88

The first game hasn’t got a release date yet, but it’s planned to be out this year on PC.

It’s one of those neat, throwback-arcade, 2D, pixel platformers that’s action-packed, colourful, and you know it’s going to be a hard, but fun time playing it over and over again. Black Future ‘88 is the retro-futuristic, neon-stylised game, set in a dark alternative history where nuclear power and consequently nuclear catastrophe have reigned supreme.

Here is the announcement trailer, and gosh! Does this game look and feel powerful!

The game has you climbing up a procedurally generated tower in an alternate version of 1988, and it’s your job to kill the owner again and again before the tower kills you.The world is constantly evolving and you can take a friend with you in a unique co-op battle where you and your friend are probably going to die a lot. But that’s okay! Because you’re doing it with a killer, original soundtrack in the background.   

On their website, it’s described as:

“A brutal cyberpunk action game”.

And by popular demand, cyberpunk is very much the new steampunk. Personally, I think the game that’s going to kick off the “cyberpunk”-genre will be CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. We’re talking Black Future ‘88, published by Good Shepherd Entertainment and developed by SuperScarySnakes.

So, if you like roguelike shooters, high explosives, and neon colours, you can sign up for their demo via their website! I know I will.

Black future ’88

Western Press

Next up we have a game that was first released on Steam in 2016, however, it’s being ported to Xbox One to be released March 23.

But why should you care? Glad you asked!

Games like this one are pretty fun, fast-paced, and generally a thing to be played when you don’t necessarily have that much time. Of course, you can play it for longer, but to you don’t need to — compared to the Witcher 3, this game is more like N++.

But what is it? It’s Western PressA game developed by Paul Godson and Walk with the Kings, along with the indie label, Surprise Attack Games.

To let sound, music, and action do the talking for me, let’s look at the announcement trailer first!

But what is Western Press — well, it’s not a news outlet. It’s, according to itself:

“Based on a true story, Western Press is the most historically accurate frontier duelling game available for PC and Mac. Probably”

That “probably” says it all — it says that this is going to be fun and that you should be excited for some comedic turns along with way. Personally, I love a serious story: deep, profound, and all that. But sometimes it’s just a good time when it’s not that serious. Some of the most fun memories I have is playing “casual” games like N++, Stick Fight the Game, Gang Beast, Nighogg, etc. And this game feels very much like it’s going to give me a lot of good memories.

With that said, I do hope it also gets ported to PlayStation. Just an idea really. Not that I would care if it didn’t.


Okay, back to the game: it’s a duelling game with local and online tournaments with up to 16 players or bots, facing each other in a rapid-fire, 1v1, sprint to see how can press the most random buttons the fastest.

Only one survives.

Monster Slayers

The final game I want to talk about is Monster Slayers. Its release date is still not confirmed but it will be out for cross-buy for the PS4 and PS Vita, along with the Xbox One.  This game is very different from the ones I’ve already talked about — this is a roguelike, deck-building, RPG adventure, all in the unique format of a card battle system, where you can customize your deck to suit your individual playstyle.

Monster Slayers isn’t exactly a “new” game as it has had its PC release in 2017, however, it quickly became a card-game-favourite amongst seasoned tabletop gamers and newcomers. It’s developed by Nerdook Productions and published by Digerati Distribution.

The game lets you customize your own hero from 12 different classes: the usual suspects, complimented by a Brute Class, Cleric Class, and some variants not seen so often. Then you take on undead goblins, lion outlaws, dragons, along with other fantasy foes. Fight with your recruited companions and give your hero different equipment to boost his or her stats and improve your chances of success the randomly generated levels!

The trailer is for the PC version of the game.


Frederik Becker 

[email protected]