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Jump Force

Jump Force Jump Force brings all our favourite characters — both heroes and villains — onto a battlefield (most likely multiple battlefields) to fight it out in an all-out battle! The roster is based on the magazine, which sported our favourite manga heroes and villains. The magazine is, of course,

LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO games have existed for a long time now and they’ve developed throughout the years — not overtly much, however, why change what works. Traveller’s Tales started their LEGO adventure with LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, which became a MASSIVE hit, prompting, only a year later, its sequel, LEGO

EA Play Live Press E3 Conference 2018

For those that need a quick rundown on what happening in EA Play Live Press Conference 2018 on 9 June 2018,  we break it down to you into a simple list. First off ,  Battlefield 5 was introduced.   Next is FIFA19,   Half way to the show, Origin Access Premier

Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

Xbox held their 2018 E3 press conference just this past Sunday delivering both new and updated content. Below is a quite glimpse of what the conference entailed and the games you can look forward to come on Xbox One. Xbox 2018 E3 Briefing in Under 3 mins: For more on


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