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PUBG Mobile

It has been a hectic day. Feels like the urge to taste blood has becoming more intense. Luckily, PUBG Mobile comes into play to quench my thirst for blood. Simple as the game may seen, you can feel the intensity as you gained high level. You smirked at the first

Fantasy War Tactics R

It seems like a long time that I have this game on my android phone, and today 2 Nov 2017 marked its 2nd Anniversary. What makes the game so special? For me , the game reminds me of the RPG games that I played when i was a kid. During

Big March Releases

Happy month, everyone! The time has come. March has arrived and along with it, brings some of the biggest releases of the year, not to mention the Switch, Nintendo’s brand new home/portable console. There are a lot of Game of the Year contenders on this list so let’s get started!


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