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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Bi-Weekly Recommendation No.1

Bi-Weekly Recommendations is one time every other week where I’ll sit down and think about one to three games I’ve played that I want to recommend to you!

My recommendation can be based on multiple reasons, ranging from an unbelievable price drop, a hidden gem, a classic, or other like-minded criteria.

I’ll, of course, explain my reasoning to the best of my ability and link to you whatever sites the game can be legally purchased from!

Today’s Bi-Weekly Recommendation is…

Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight: The Game is a “1990’s and early 2000’s” game in essence as its premise of stickmen fighting each other reminds me of the hundreds of “Stick Fight”-games that flooded Congregate, Newgrounds, and other flash game sites when I was young.

Landfall, its creator, says this about their game:

“They might be 5 inches thick, but they are 17 inches of stupid. After peaceful negotiation breaks down, violence erupts. Stick Fight pits four idiots against each other in physics based combat. Defeat your enemies in order to prove that you are always right, no matter what. Stick Fight: The Game was made by some people at Landfall during their spare time and is published by Landfall.”

You can find their website here:

Landfall Website

You can find their Twitter here:

Landfall Twitter

Landfall is also the creator of the weird but weirdly-fun platforming-runner of sorts, Clustertruck — where you jump from truck to truck in high-speed action to reach a goal.

In Stick Fight, you’re not quite jumping from truck to truck, but instead, you’re fighting with up to 3 other people in an intense 4-way battle with shotguns, pistols, explosive gun, rocket guns, snake guns, and much, much more!

In about 80 maps — not including the probably thousands of maps made by the community — can battle both locally, but also online. And, the battling is fun.

Check out this trailer of the game and afterwards, I’ll get into a bit of a bullet-point review of the game!

Bullet-Point Review*

*If you haven’t read any of my prior reviews, the “Bullet-Point Review” is a returning factor as it covers the four major parts of any game that must complement each other. These are story, gameplay, graphics, and sound/music.


  • To be honest, I would lie if I said Stick Fight had any story whatsoever.
  • To me, it’s a bummer because I typically prefer a story above all else.
  • However, some games, like Stick Fight doesn’t fall short because of its lacking-to-non-existing-story.
  • Its gameplay and the “fun-factor” far up-weighs the need for any type of story.


  • The gameplay is very much the thing that makes Stick Fight fun.
  • It’s fast-paced with a lot of variation in weaponry.
  • Perfect for couch-play with friends.
  • The maps are unique and they provide the players with a lot of stupidly fun challenges.
  • It’ll never get boring playing because all the fights follow each other rapidly so you’ll actually never get a chance to let go of your controller!


  • It’s a stick fighting game, meaning that much of the graphics are simplified, cartoon-ish, or otherwise, the quite opposite of realistic.
  • However, the art is clean, smooth, and from the way, you control your fighter to the physics of falling, shooting, the recoil, and everything.


  • The music fits the game really well as it’s action-y with a lot of beats, befitting of a “stupidly-fun” fighting game with stickmen.
  • Because the game is so action-focused, your eyes won’t get a chance to leave the screen, which makes is so much more important that you aren’t distracted! The music, although not “immersive”, actually immerses you.
  • It’s like tunnel-vision, where your eyes become more focused and you get used to whatever environments you’re in at the moment. In this case, it’s a fight to the death by stickmen!

What Grinds My Gears

Stick Fight: The Game is one of those couch games you want friends to play with because it makes the game’s lacking features effortlessly disappear in joyous laughter and monopoly-like competitiveness!

The game controls amazingly smooth, and the fact that the game was made in only a few months during the developers spare time!

However, although this game is so overly great in its simplicity, it lacks one thing. A console port… As I’ve subtly mentioned a couple of times, the game is a great couch game where you can sit down with your friends and just play casually for ten minutes or three hours.

But that’s probably the one thing I dislike about Stick Fight. When that’s said and done, it’s a good, fun, and enjoyable game with smooth controls, an awesome array of weapons, and all in all a great time, just waiting to be had!

Stick Fight: The Game (Steam)

Stick Fight: The Game (HumbleBundle)


Frederik Becker 

[email protected]