PvP Comes To Farpoint: My Thoughts

Recently this week Impulse Gear released a free expansion for Farpoint that would include 2 PvP game modes, new multiplayer maps, new weapons and new skins all for free. I mean you do have to play to unlock them, but hey they are still free and that’s great. Now for

Rec Room Babe! (My First Hands-on)

Rec Room was developed and published by Against Gravity. On November 21st, 2017 Rec Room launched an open beta on PlayStation 4’s PSVR. Check out the trailer below. Rec Room PSVR Launch Trailer|Open Beta: It’s a very social game featuring some pretty cool recreational activities (games) to play with your

Are You Scared To Knock?

Don’t Knock Twice is a first person horror game published and developed by Wales Interactive. The game is based on a mother trying to save her daughter as she uncovers an urban legend of a demonic witch. The game’s launch trailer just released and can be viewed below: Don’t Knock

Far Point: The Starship Troopers Experience

I may be showing my age here, but Starship Troopers was a classic film that I remember watching growing up. The movie was set to have these group of individuals fighting against giant insect alien life forms on their planet. Now there have been games where you do kill creatures


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