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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

I may be showing my age here, but Starship Troopers was a classic film that I remember watching growing up. The movie was set to have these group of individuals fighting against giant insect alien life forms on their planet. Now there have been games where you do kill creatures that do resemble insect alien life forms. A game like Lost Planet is the first to come to my mind that had you engaged in third person shooter action up against alien insect life forms. However, this was a third person experience and didn’t bridge the gap that a first person shooter title like Far Point would bring to the gamer coupled with the PlayStation VR and PlayStation Aim Controller. Far Point is a PlayStation VR title that was found bundled with the PlayStation Aim Controller (the PS4 gun if you will) and was released May 16th, 2017 both exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Far Point coupled with the Aim Controller bring you a first person shooter VR experience where you find yourself playing the role of an astronaut out with his crew studying a random anomaly located in space. The anomaly later becomes unstable has you, your crew and all your space equipment crash land and scattered across an unknown planet. On this plant you venture onward in hopes to find your crew and later unlock the mysteries of the planet. Now I had a few hours with the game so I don’t want to spoil it entirely, however Far Point does have you planted against insect like alien life forms as you journey across the planet in search of your crew. You first start off wit the standard AR gun with a rocket launcher as its secondary function (cool beans right?!?!). A while after you find a shotgun with a grenade launcher as its secondary function (things just got cooler). You encounter many things that resemble spiders which you must kill in order to journey on. Each spider like creature all looks and acts differently in order to engage you and prevent you from completing your mission. You will find yourself jumping at times as the game is meant for a standing experience and will have random moments where the insects will pop out the ground closest to your feet. I personally jumped a few times and even found myself scrambling to take proper aim before knocking down the unexpected new target. The planet is also a site to see as it features tight quarters, open terrain, active sky visuals and even thin ledge experience that you’ll find yourself venturing across under attack while trying not to fall. I even got to experience a boss encounter with an even bigger spider like creature that had me on my toes as I tried to balance fire on it and it’s minions. All and all I enjoyed my few hours of experience and found myself excited to dive back in after taking a breather. I look forward to later completing the game and having a game review written up in the future. Far Point and the Aim Controller were both developed by Impact Gear and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Far Point and the Aim Controller were bundled together and released May 16th, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR. For more on Far Point and the Aim Controller, keep it locked right here on MagGamer.