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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

SOCOM was a third person tactical shooter exclusively made for the PlayStation brand. It’s games hit PlayStation 2, 3 and PlayStation Portable. Zipper Interactive was the main developer throughout the franchise, but developers Slant Six did make SOCOM Confrontation which released on the PlayStation 3. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment published the entire franchise. Most of the games featured a single player (except SOCOM Confrontation), however the game grew most famous for its competitive online multiplayer. SOCOM 4: U.S Navy SEALs would be the last installment in the franchise which released on the PlayStation 3. Since then no SOCOM games would be released since both Zipper Interactive and Slant Six development teams ended. SOCOM fans have desperately cried out to Sony PlayStation asking for another SOCOM game, even if it meant a SOCOM remastered. No SOCOM game has yet to be released in response. SOCOM fans are very much around and both social media and gaming communities are living proof of the matter. I follow several Twitter accounts all owned by SOCOM fans. SOCOM can also be found hashtaged throughout Twitter as well. A PlayStation 4 community labeled SOCOM NextGen has 11,000 members, easily showing much support for the SOCOM brand. XLink (setup instructions found in the link under SOCOM Forums) has even situated a process and means to get the PlayStation 2 SOCOM titles all playable online with use of both a PlayStation 2 and PC. I was actually given a glimpse of this via Twitch stream and it was great reliving some SOCOM nostalgia. Game developers outside of Sony PlayStation have even taken time to listen to the SOCOM fans and started developing games inspired by the SOCOM franchise. Project Confrontation (which uses the Unity Engine) and Task Force (which uses the Unreal 4 Engine) are both games inspired by SOCOM. Website’s like is also another way SOCOM fans are still connecting and engaging in the SOCOM community. With so much SOCOM fan love, why hasn’t there been a new or remastered SOCOM game in response by Sony PlayStation? Why hasn’t SOCOM even made its way on to PlayStation Now? Those answers still remain in question, but fans can only hope that Sony PlayStation does have something in the works for the SOCOM fans. I my personal opinion I do believe the SOCOM community should hold and remain strong. PlayStation 4 is still in the beginning of its lifecycle and PlayStation has rolled out a few remastered titles so far and a list of new IP’s, even from some of their first party companies that may have not freed up enough time to focus on another IP. For example Killzone developer Guerrilla Games has dropped Killzone Shadow Fall and Rigs: Mechanized Combat League already and looks to drop Horizon Zero Dawn in just a few days from now. All these titles could of easily been in the plans for quite some time, given no free time for say them possibly helping build a SOCOM game just out of Sony PlayStation asking them to do so even though its obvious Guerrilla Games hasn’t made a third person tactical shooter before. However now with first person and third person games under their belt, would it really be that odd as to have Guerrilla Games make the future of SOCOM? That may be another topic for a later SOCOM article. Be sure to leave any answers to questions in the comments. As a SOCOM fan myself I’ve personally been ready for another SOCOM game since the dawn of SOCOM 4. For anyone interested in making a push for the next SOCOM be sure to head to the Bring SOCOM Back to Life petition here or help support TheRealSOCOM website, Project Confrontation and Task Force. For more on SOCOM be sure to keep it locked right here on MagGamer.