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June 15, 2024

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Resogun Adds 4K HDR Support Starting Today

Resogun is one of those games that you simply can’t get enough of. As a PlayStation 4 launch title, Resogun managed to impress with alluring visuals, a great soundtrack, and incredible, fast-paced gameplay. Throughout its lifespan, it received a couple of expansions and updates but today, PS4 Pro owners are in for a real treat. A Resogun update is available offering 4K, 60 frames per second gameplay. On top of that, HDR support has also been added. Housemarque’s official Twitter channel posted the news earlier today:

I managed to play around with the new update earlier this morning and can confirm it runs beautifully. I’m not sure if it runs at native 4K as to keep the 60 fps target. I have a feeling some dynamic scaling might be at play. Nonetheless, the 4K support alongside the HDR works wonders and renders a beautiful game even more impressively.

The update is out now on PS4 so if you’ve got yourself a PS4 Pro and have forgotten about this little gem from Housemarque, now’s the time to get back into it – in full 4K glory.

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