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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Weekly Featured Cosplayers: Sarah and Marco

This week we have two very talented cosplayers — Sarah and Marco.






Sarah in Dragon Age Cosplay

In 2006, Sarah went with her ex-boyfriend and his sister, to a convention. It was there where she became fascinated with the amazing costumes and atmosphere, and decided that she wanted to create her own.

In Germany, at this time, there was no Worbla and almost no big armors, so sewing was a skill that Sarah had to acquire. Fortunately, her mother was there to teach her. The part of cosplaying that she finds the most fun is creating the costumes and props by hand. She loves to see how something is created “bit by bit and piece by piece”. She also finds it exciting to learn new skills, such as leather work, sewing, using LEDS and electronics, make-up, wig-styling, painting, and working with materials like worbla and eva foam.

Sarah’s first cosplay was of Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Her love for the character inspired her to make five different versions of this character after her first cosplay. She says, “I think the best thing about cosplay is, that you can actually create your favorite characters in real life and hang out with likeminded people at cons all around the country.”

Her favorite previous cosplays are Inquisitor Lavellan and Solas (for her boyfriend) from Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquistion. At the moment, she’s working on Jane Shepard in her N7 armor, and Garrus Vakarian (again, for her boyfriend) from Mass Effect.

Outside of cosplaying, she loves to play video games.

For more of Sarah’s cosplays, go to her Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Marco as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 6

For Marco, it feels like it was just yesterday that he started his adventure into cosplay, but it was 2009 when he dressed into his first costume — the convention seen a rare sight, as Rocky Balboa came strutting in. It was his girlfriend, Elisabetta, that inspired him to explore the art, as she got into it a year prior. Marco had a wonderful teacher, who is still there to help whenever needed (and vice versa).

A majority of his gear is crafted and sewn by him, with the exception of some accessories, parts, or pre-owned clothing of his; as for characters such as The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon who dresses in regular street clothing that Marco already owns.

When it comes to previous cosplays, Marco has a few favorites — Rocky Balboa, as that was his first and was a character from his favorite film, Leon S. Kennedy, as this was his first victory at a cosplay competition, He-Man, due to the fact that this was his childhood hero, and Daryl Dixon, as he finds him to be the coolest character in The Walking Dead.

In the future, Marco has a few cosplays already planned: Jon Snow and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Aquaman from the upcoming Justice League, Lion-O from The Thundercats, and Ryo Saeba from City Hunter.

Outside of cosplaying, Marco enjoys collecting figures, films, comics, and video games. He also enjoys singing, playing guitar, and participating in sports such as boxing, lifting weights, and running (in which he took part in two Spartan races).

Want to see more of Marco’s cosplays? Check him out on Facebook or Instagram!

Photo Credit for Sarah’s Cosplays: EOSAndy