CWL 2017 World Champions

The Green Wall cement’s their legacy… @OpTicGaming     Check out photos from #CWLChamps 2017! Send us your favorite photo, we'll RT the best! View them all at — MLG @ #CWLChamps (@MLG) August 13, 2017     In epic fashion all year long Optic has dominated pretty

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

It’s Mahvel!   Yet another fighting game set to hit shelves this fall, a long-awaited fourth installment into the Marvel vs Capcom series.  This time it will be Infinite, and the universe will expand on many new features, move sets, character playstyles, and even graphics.  Oh and guess what, this

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This game is only 20% complete!    I’m blown away by how much detail they have taken the time to put in this game.  Tomoko Hiroki, the Executive producer, went on record to say that the game was only 20% complete overall!  That is impressive from what I’ve seen showcased

It’s a Longshot

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Madden NFL 18 will finally have a proper story mode added to its core game. Just a few moments ago we got our first look at what’s coming up in this franchise. I for one am very impressed to see them branch into NCAA a bit


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