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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs was a third person tactical shooter made by the development team Zipper Interactive and was released August 27th, 2002 on the PlayStation 2. This first installment of the series featured a campaign and competitive multiplayer. The campaign pit players in command of a 4 man Navy SEAL team, constantly infiltrating enemy occupied territories tactically. Since this first installment, many more SOCOM titles would reach out to a portable handheld and home consoles of the Sony PlayStation brand (PlayStation 2-3 & PSP to be exact). Millions of copies were sold along the way and even development team Slant Six joined in on the SOCOM franchise, bringing one installment to the series named SOCOM: Confrontation which was exclusively released on the PlayStation 3. Zipper Interactive’s last installment, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs would see its way on PlayStation 3 worldwide April 2011. The game got ok reviews but the multiplayer was not at the par the SOCOM gaming community wanted an resembled closer to MAG or Massive Action Game as it was named, an IP Zipper Interactive developed and released exclusively for PlayStation 3 just before SOCOM 4 would ever be a thought to the already waiting SOCOM community. After SOCOM 4 both Zipper Interactive and Slant Six development teams had banished from the gaming world for their own reasons, leaving SOCOM fans to wonder what is next for the SOCOM franchise? Will there be another SOCOM? Many series fans have cried out to PlayStation asking when will there be another SOCOM and even if they can bring either a new SOCOM or a ReMastered edition of SOCOM to the PlayStation console for the fans to play. Since then there has been no SOCOM game in response, however petitions have been put it the request of SOCOM’s return. A poll featuring a few Playstation 2 exclusive titles alongside SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs were situated and up to be voted on. This vote would end with SOCOM II claiming victory as it won the poll. Many Twitter accounts can be found labeled some way under the SOCOM name and even many others can be found supporting those same accounts with ReTweets, likes and comments discussing the love and support for SOCOM to this day. A game named H-Hour, game mods and even weapon names easily derived from the SOCOM franchise can be found and seen in the gaming community today. Games that take up highly in the eSport’s community such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO, even stand as proof that a tactical shooter game is still relevant and loved in the gaming/competitive gaming community. It was even noted that Zipper Interactive was going to make another SOCOM title which was to be seen on the PlayStation 4 before the development team closed up shop. So the question remains why isn’t there another SOCOM? Will Playstation respond with another SOCOM for the fans and if so will it be a new or ReMastered version? If they are not going to bring back SOCOM, then why? Is it due to licensing issues or are they tied to other projects that are still in the works for the PlayStation brand? In my opinion with so much of the gaming community behind it why shouldn’t they make another SOCOM? Feel free to respond to the questions or just discuss your overall thoughts on the topic in the comments. I myself would love for Playstation to bring back the SOCOM series. Some of my personal favorites was SOCOM 1 & 2, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo and SOCOM Confrontation. I think a mix of ideas from both SOCOM II & SOCOM Confrontation along with a great campaign, multiplayer and full development team support would make a great first attempt to bring SOCOM back again. For more on SOCOM be sure to keep it locked right here on MagGamer.